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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Audrina Jean! Audrina is a favorite of mine I think it is just wonderful

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    I love the suggestion of Audrey Jean! Out of your list Audrina Jean is my favorite, but the name Audrina makes me think of The Hills. Other thoughts inspired by Audrina:
    Autumn Jean
    Audra Jean
    Adria Jean
    Andrea Jean
    Dreama Jean

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    Molly Jean is beautiful. My middle name is Jean and so is my daughters...Alyssa Jean.

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    I like Natalie Jean the best..

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    Have you considered Jeanne? Unless having the exact spelling as your gm (which I can understand) I think Jeanne is a very nice feminine take on Jean.

    I really like your choices of Miram, Chloe and Elizabeth. All are sophisiticated feminine choices to go with the cute short Jean (or Jeanne!) I also like the name Paige but think it needs something to help it flow with Jean, maybe Miriam Jeanne Paige?
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