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    suggestions on my list

    I was finally able to get inspired this week by sitting in my little girls room and trying to picture some name letters on the wall.

    The middle name will be Jean (this is not my most fave name, but it honors both grandmas) so it means a lot to us and hopefully will to her too someday as both grandmas are worth being named after :-) -angels on earth!

    Anyways here are my top ten in order that I like them/can picture using on her the most.

    1) Audrina Jean
    2) Molly Jean
    3) Paige Jean
    4) Natalie Jean
    5) Chloe Jean
    6) Julie Jean
    7) Nicole Jean
    8) Carly Jean
    9) Miriam Jean
    10) Elizabeth Jean

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    Personally, I find Nicole and Natalie a little dated, and Carly and Paige are quite trendy at the moment - as names like this date the fastest, I try and avoid them. (That said, Charlotte Jean would be a lovely name, and Carly could be a nn option.)

    Chloe is also quite popular, which is something I try and avoid - there's nothing wrong with the name at all, I just think when some of your other choices are rarer, it'd make sense to opt for them instead.

    Audrina, although not my favourite name (I do like Audrey though, so no exactly sure where my problem with it lies), does sound good with Jean - I'm pronouncing them to rhyme, so it gives the vintage combination a bit of spunk.

    I adore alliteration, but because Julie is only two syllables, the J and EE sounds repeat too close together in Julie Jean, and it makes it a little hard to say. To get to the nn Julie, Juliet(te) and Jubilee both sound fantastic with Jean. Other J names you might like in first place are Junia, Juniper, Jessamine, and Jacinta.

    Elizabeth is popular, but obviously a classic, and comes with so many nicknames to add a bit of pizazz - thumbs up.

    Miriam is a beautiful name, feminine but not fussy, familiar but not too popular, and the combination has fantastic flow. Nns Mira and Miri are lovely, too.

    Molly is a lovely, down-to-earth vintage choice, not too out-there but not yet too popular in the US (I'm in the UK, where it ranks higher up). She sounds very sweet with Jean, but the name would work just as well on an adult. You might also like names like Polly and Elsa.

    Good luck!

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    I LOVE Audrina Jean. I think it's got a lot of spunk to it! I like Audrey and Audriana (ah-nuh) better - Audriana Jean is lovely- but i don't have a problem with Audrina.

    My second favorite is Elizabeth Jean. Ha, I'm at opposite ends of your list. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Audrina Jean is too rhyme-y for me, it doesnt flow well.

    Molly Jean is my favorite...cute & spunky!

    Paige Jean doesn't work for me because they are both only 1 syllable & make it sound too choppy

    Natalie Jean is my 2nd favorite...classic & pretty

    Chloe Jean is very fun & cute too

    Julie Jean is too much for me

    Nicole Jean doesn't flow good

    Carly Jean is just ok, I'm not a big fan if Carly seems like it wouldn't age well

    Miriam Jean is nice, I love Miriam but not with Jean...makes it feel too old

    Elizabeth Jean is also nice, but with a name as popular as Elizabeth I'd rather see a fun mn with it

    Good luck & congrats!

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    How amazing would Juniper Jean be? (per a suggestion above). Juniper was on my longer list. I like Miriam too.

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