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    Sarai and Sinai? Please help!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm less than 4 weeks away from delivering my second DD, and DH and I have yet to decide on a name! Our 2 1/2 year-old is named Sarai (pronounced Sah-rye). DH proposed the sibling name Sinai (pronounced Sah-nye). Is that just too close or what? Funny thing is, Sarai loves it. We ask her "what's your baby sister's name?" and she says, "Sah-nye...Sah-rye" she's already comfortable with the pairing. I won't share too much of what I think...I wanna hear what you gals think first.

    Other names we're considering:
    1. Nia
    2. Kayla (or Kaelah)
    3. Amina

    Most important for us is meaning, and second is how well it matches "Sarai".

    It's been so much harder choosing a name this time around! I'm at a loss...pls help!
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    I think that's way too similar sounding. Out of your choices I prefer Nia the best, and I think it goes well with Sarai!
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    Sinai could make a nice MN choice but its too close to Sarai as a FN in my opinion. I like Nia. As a sibling for Sirai. Nia Sinai is lovely.
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    I LOVE Sarai. I think that it's so underused, and I have no idea why it isn't more popular.

    I think that Sinai is awful with Sarai, and I think that your pronunciation is really unintuitive. I would pronounce the first vowel sound like a long I - they way I've heard it pronounced when people are talking about the Sinai Peninsula or Cedars-Sinai Hospital in New York. I think that the matchiness of Sarai and Sinai would take away from the understated gorgeousness of Sarai - it would take it from an interesting name to something gimmicky.

    Of your other girls' names, Amina is my favorite, but I think that Nia is also very pretty.

    I also agree with a previous poster that I wouldn't mind Sinai so much as a middle name. If your husband likes the matchiness, then Sarai (middle name) and (first name) Sinai could also be matchy but in a more understated, less distracting way.

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    I think that Nia is a beautiful name and sounds wonderful next to Sarai

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