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    Yeah, sorry, another "old biddy" connection here too. We sometimes used to call our chickens "biddy hens" and that exact phrase was applied to gossipy old women too. Bitty sounds almost the same though and the alternate spelling makes it much more appealing. I think it could work as a nn if you really like it.

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    The first thing that came to mind was "old biddy." Sorry. I don't think it's wearable - even as a nickname.

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    Around here, "biddy" is actually slang for the college girls who wear nothing but victoria secret sweats, ugg boots and northface jackets until it's time to go out for the night. Still not an appealing image.
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    I know a young woman named Bridie and think that's a great alternative. Or, you could go to Betty!
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    Have to agree. around here "old biddy" is used pretty commonly and also as a gentler way of saying bitch. I would not call a child that even as a nickname.

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