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    Your name is Alexa Drina. You are 23 years old.

    DH's name is Tobias Brady. He is 21 yrs old.

    You meet DH at a bar. I was sitting near him and we just started talking.

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married. You have a son and name him Brantley Sawyer. He has black hair and brown eyes.

    When Brant is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twins--a boy and a girl, Nico Dash and Nora Dylan!!! They have brown hair and green eyes.

    When Brant is five and Nico and Nora are two, you are pregnant again! This time you have two beautiful boys, whom you name Alistair Wyatt and Anderson Walker. They have red hair and blue eyes.

    When Brant is 8, Nico and Nora are 5 and Alistair and Anderson are 3, you get pregnant again. You have a gorgeous baby girl,Violet Eleanor , with black hair and blue eyes.

    When Brant is 10, Nico and Nora are 7, Alistair and Anderson are 5 and Violet is 2, you are pregnant again. You miscarry and decide to adopt a baby girl from Africa. Narcissa Cosette has black hair and brown eyes.
    Three years go by (Brant is 14, Nico and Nora are 11, Alistair and Anderson are 9, Violet is 6, Narcissa is 4) and you decide to get a cat. She is a Siamese, and her name is Keiko.

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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