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    Emersyn Amelia Benson *38*
    Cody Austin Benson *39*

    You meet DH in the plane. He was sitting next to me, and we started talking. We kept laughing, the the passengers beside us started shushing us, which only made us laugh harder.

    Get pregnant 3 times

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married. It’s a boy.

    DS: Sawyer Finn Benson *14*
    -blonde hair & blue eyes

    When Sawyer is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twin boys!!!

    DS/DS: Beck Charlie and Theo Mick *11*
    -brown hair & green eyes

    When Sawyer is five and Beck and Theo are two, you are pregnant again! It’s twin boys again!

    DS/DS: Leo Sebastian and Liam Spencer *9*

    DCat: Dessert Storm

    Cody and Emersyn Benson w/ Sawyer, Beck, Theo, Leo, Liam, and their cat Desert Storm

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