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    Your name is: Alandra Lexa Trass

    You are 24 years old.

    DH's name is: Aaron Cole Trass

    DH is 26 years old:

    You meet DH....
    3. At a hotel. He was the bellhop, and he dropped all my suitcases.

    How many times do you get pregnant?
    6. 6 times

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married.
    We have a daughter
    Name: Isabella Scarlet Trass *Bella*
    What does your baby look like?
    6. Brown hair, blue eyes

    When Bella is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twins!!!
    1 or 2: Boy/Boy
    Names: Charlie Ash Trass and Johnny Ty Trass *Char and John*
    What do your babies look like?
    3 or 4: Brown hair, green eyes

    When Bella is five and your twins are two, you are pregnant again!
    2. Girl/Girl twins
    Names: Hollis Arabella Trass and Charis Jolie Trass *Holli and CJ*
    What does your babies look like?
    1 or 2: Blonde hair, green eyes

    When Bella is 8, Char and John are 5 and Holli and CJ are 3, you get pregnant again. We have a boy
    Named: Caleb Josiah Trass *Cale*
    What does your baby look like?
    3 or 4: Brown hair, green eyes

    When Bella is 10, Char and John are 7, Holli and Cj are 5 and Cale is 2, you are pregnant again. You miscarry and decide to adopt.
    Where do you adopt your baby from? America
    Baby Boy
    Name: Jackson Hunter Trass *Jack*

    When Bella is 11, Char and John are 8, Holli an Cj are 6, Cale is 3 and Jack one, you get pregnant again. This pregnancy is an accident, you you're not sure you're ready for another newborn, but you go ahead with the pregnancy. The birth goes by beautifully, and you're happy but sad to be having your last baby. You can choose the name, gender, and looks for your last baby.
    Name: Jocelyn Rachelle Trass
    Gender: Girl
    Looks: Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes

    Three years go by (oldest child is 14, twins are 11, Pregnancy#3 child(ren) are 9, pregnancy#4 baby is 6, adopted baby is 4, youngest baby is 3) and you decide to get a pet. Roll dice. If the number is even, you get a cat. If it's odd, you get a dog.
    What type of dog/cat is it? English Mastiff
    What is it's name? Muffin

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