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Thread: Your Family!!

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    Mar 2012
    Emersyn Amelia Benson *38*
    Cody Austin Benson *39*

    You meet DH in the plane. He was sitting next to me, and we started talking. We kept laughing, the the passengers beside us started shushing us, which only made us laugh harder.

    Get pregnant 3 times

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married. It’s a boy.

    DS: Sawyer Finn Benson *14*
    -blonde hair & blue eyes

    When Sawyer is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twin boys!!!

    DS/DS: Beck Charlie and Theo Mick *11*
    -brown hair & green eyes

    When Sawyer is five and Beck and Theo are two, you are pregnant again! It’s twin boys again!

    DS/DS: Leo Sebastian and Liam Spencer *9*

    DCat: Dessert Storm

    Cody and Emersyn Benson w/ Sawyer, Beck, Theo, Leo, Liam, and their cat Desert Storm

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    Your name is: Amelia Liliana {19yrs}
    DH's name is: Harry Jude Hansard {24yrs}

    You meet DH...
    1. On line at Starbucks. He asked me what I was getting, and turns out we were ordering the same thing. We got talking, and then exchanged phone numbers.

    How many times do you get pregnant?
    2. 5 times

    1. Girl: Violetta Georgiana Hansard {brown hair, blue eyes}
    2. B/G Twins:
    Vivienne Auden Hansard
    Archie Van Hansard {brown hair, green eyes}
    3. Elijah Gregory Hansard {black hair, green eyes}
    4. -
    5. Adopt from Africa:
    Ariadne Viviette Hansard {black hair, brown eyes}

    List family:
    1. Violetta Georgiana Hansard
    2. Vivienne Auden Hansard
    3. Archie Van Hansard
    4. Elijah Gregory Hansard
    5. Ariadne Viviette Hansard

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    Ontario, Canada
    My name: Elena Alexandria
    Age: 19 years old

    His name: Caleb Joseph
    Age: 22 years old

    We met at a resturaunt. I was a waitress, and we flirted while I took his order. He kept coming back, and I was always his waitress, so while giving him the bill I also gave him my phone number

    I get pregnant 4* times

    Pregnancy #1: Girl
    Gerogia Isabella
    Brown hair, Brown Eyes

    Pregnancy #2: Boy/Girl
    Ash Samuel
    Tatum Elliana
    Blonde Hair, Blue eyes

    Pregnancy #3: Boy
    Jasper Harrison
    Blonde hair, Green eyes

    Pregnancy #4: Miscarriage

    Pets: A dog
    Celly - English Bulldog

    My family: Elena(mom), Caleb(dad)
    Georgia(14), Ash(11), Tatum(11), Jasper(9) and Celly(dog)

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    My name is Lila Elodie
    I am 23 years old
    DH's name Austen Chance
    He is 24
    We met in line at Starbucks. He asked me what I was getting, and turns out we were ordering the same thing. We got talking, and then exchanged phone numbers.
    I get pregnant 6 times

    I have a daughter named
    Aurora Violetta she has blonde hair and blue eyes!

    When Aurora is 3, I have twins, Boy/Girl they are named
    Johnny Nate
    Aria Juliette
    They have blonde hair and blue eyes!

    When Aurora is five and the twins are 2 I have Girl/Girl twins they are named
    Artemis Belle
    Iris Callista
    They have red hair and blue eyes!

    When Aurora is 8, the twins are five and the other twins are 3 I have another son who is named
    Caleb Phineas
    He has black hair and blue eyes!

    When Aurora is 10, the twins are 7, the other twins are 5 and Caleb is 2, I adopt a little girl from America she has red hair and green eyes
    Her name is Hermione Evangeline.

    When Aurora is 11, the twins are 8, the other twins are 6, Caleb is 3, and Hermione is 1, I have my last child.
    Her name is Ella Primrose. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

    I get a pet when Aurora is 14, the twins are 11 , the other twins are 9, Caleb is 6, Hermione is 4, and Ella is 3.
    It is a Golden Lab puppy! We name him Dug like the dog in the Disney movie "Up"!

    My family is COMPLETE! There is Lila(me), Austen(DH), Aurora, Johnny, Aria, Artemis, Iris, Caleb, Hermione, Ella ,and Dug the dog!!!!!!!!
    An extremely name obsessed teenager . My all-time favourites are .....
    Girls: Ella Juliette, Aurora Niamh, Aria Laurel , Evangeline Lilac, Anastasia Primrose, Adeline Louisa, Hermione Clara, Penelope Bohème, Genevieve Alouette , Bridget Rosalie, Vivian Lark, Fiona Miette, Whimsy Isolde
    Boys: Gabriel Finnick, Luca Marius , Elias Benjamin, Ezra Miles, Reid Elijah, Peregrine Forrest, Augustus Barnaby, Louis Metias, Montgomery Theodore

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    My name is Lila Clementine. I am 21 years old.
    My husband's name is Humphrey Walter. He is 25 years old. We met in line at Starbucks. He asked me what I was getting, and turns out we were ordering the same thing. We got talking, and then exchanged phone numbers.

    I have 6 pregnancies.

    Pregnancy 1; A blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl! Her name is Arabella Cecily.

    Pregnancy 2; Brown-haired, green-eyed girl twins! Their names are Willa Penelope and Paloma Ruby.

    Pregnancy 3; A blonde-haired, green-eyed girl! Her name is Beatrice Calla.

    Pregnancy 4; A red-haired, brown-eyed boy! His name is Arthur Sebastian.

    Pregnancy 5; We adopt from America! Our little red-haired, green-eyed girl is named Esme Ginevra.

    Pregnancy 6; We have a little brown-haired, blue-eyed baby boy! His name is Hugo Bennett.

    We get a little Persian kitten, named Ada Lovelace {I WILL get pets named after scientists!}

    Arabella Cecily {16}
    Willa Penleope & Paloma Ruby {13}
    Beatrice Calla {11}
    Arthur Sebastian {8}
    Esme Ginevra {6}
    Hugo Bennett {5}
    Katie Charlotte.

    "and when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found, if you believe in me I'll still believe"

    listography / ask

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