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    It’s been a full year and you haven’t spoken Zachariah once, and he hasn’t even attempted to speak with you or your children. You’re sad for them, but they’re thriving happily in a peaceful household. You decide to legally change their last names to yours.

    What are their new full names?
    Child 1: Isaac Weston Larson
    Child 2: Aubrie Hope Larson

    Two years later, Isaac is entering kindergarten. You’re so excited. You can’t believe your baby’s all grown up…well sort of. A couple weeks later, it’s back to school night. You don’t want to go alone, so you drag your brother along. Andrew, Isaac, Aubrie, and you pile into the classroom with all the other parents and kids. Isaac instantly spots his best friend and runs over to him. His father is standing nearby and smiles at you from across the classroom. You instantly melt inside; he has the most gorgeous smile you’ve ever laid eyes on. You try to shoo your brother away without making a scene; he gets the idea instantly and wonders over to look at the little creations the kids have made. You walk over to Isaac and let him introduce his friend. Then you introduce yourself to his father. The two of you wind up chatting and sticking near each other for most of the evening, and quickly exchange phone numbers for a “play date” before leaving.

    What gender is your child’s friend? male

    What is your child’s friend’s name? [ROLL]
    Chase Sullivan

    What’s the child’s father’s name?
    Liam Alexander

    What is their last name?

    Over the next 6 months, you and Liam have many play dates with your kids. He’s only 3 years older than you. He married his high school sweetheart at 18 and also had his son when he was a teenager – 19 – the same year his wife died. They’d gone out on a date night and were on their way home, when they were t-boned on the passenger side by a drunk driver. Liam had been driving and his wife died in the ambulance. She was only 30 weeks pregnant, so Chase was born premature and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. You tell him about how your mother and her best friend were also killed in a car accident when you were just 2, and you feel for Chase. After that conversation, things get a little spicy, and you spend the night at his place.

    Now that you’re officially a couple, you know you want to take it slow and make sure you won’t get burned again. Yes, you slept with him, but you explain your past relationship and express your need to take things slow. He absolutely agrees. But a few weeks later, you’re feeling kinda funny. Your heart sinks, as you know you need to take a pregnancy test. When you do, you cry. You’re pregnant. How can you take things slow with a baby on the way? You’re scared that another child by someone he barely knows might scare him away. But you have to tell him, so you do. He quickly steps up to the spot and seems almost unfazed by the news. He is very adamant about you moving in with him before the baby is born, so the child is raised under one roof. Since getting pregnant wasn’t taking anything slow, you agree. You pack up your things along with Isaac’s and Aubrie’s things and move into his 4 bedroom house. 9 months later you give birth.

    Is it a boy or girl? [ROLL]
    Odd – Boy

    What is the baby’s name? [CHANCE]
    Jackson Daniel

    List your new little family here:
    Boyfriend: Liam Alexander
    You: Lea Elizabeth
    Your child 1: Isaac Weston
    His child 1: Chase Sullivan
    Your child 2: Aubrie Hope
    Your child together: Jackson Daniel

    To be continued...
    Anastasia Danielle * Kate Madeleine * Cassia Violet * Maison Sofia

    Elias James * Isaac Greyson * Noah Everett * Caelan William

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