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    It's been a full year and I haven't spoken to Dante once and he hasn’t even attempted to speak Elsie and Ely. I was so sad for them but they are thriving happily in a peaceful household so I decided to legally change their last name to mine. They became Elizabeth Sophia Summers and Elyjah Mathieu Summers. I really wanted to change the 'Y' to an 'I' but everyone was so used to him being Ely with a 'y' that I left it alone.

    Two years later, Elsie [5] started kindergarten and I was so excited. I couldn't believe my baby was all grown up... well sort of. A couple of weeks later, it's back to school night and I really didn't want to go alone so I dragged Tristan with me. Tristan, Elsie, Ely and I piled into the classroom with all the other parents and kids. Elsie instantly spotted her best friend and ran over to her. Her father was standing nearby and smiled at me from across the classroom, and I began to melt inside; he had the most gorgeous smile I'd ever laid eyes on. I shoo'd my brother away without making a scene and he obviously got the idea as he started to wonder over to look at the little creations the kids had made. I walked over to Elsie and let her introduce her friend. I then introduced myself to her father. We ended up chatting and sticking near each other for most of the evening, and quickly exchange phone numbers for a "play date" before leaving.

    Elsie's best friend was called Scout Olivia Matthews and her gorgeous father was Charlie James Matthews. Over the next 2 months, Charlie and I had many play dates with the kids. He was only 3 years old than me, he married his high school sweetheart at 19 and had Scout when he was a teenager - 19 - the same year his wife died. They'd gone out on a date and were on their way home when they were t-boned on the passenger side by a drunk driver. Charlie had been driving and his wife died in the ambulance. She was only 30 weeks pregnant, so Scout was born premature and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. As he was opening up to me, I revealed that my mother and her best friend were also killed in a car accident when I was just 2 years old, and I really felt for little Scout. After that conversation, things got a little spicy and I spent the night at his place.

    Soon after we offically became a couple, I knew that I wanted to take it slow and make sure that I wouldn't get burned again. Yes, I had slept with him, but I explained my past relationship and expressed the need to take things slow. Luckily, he agreed. But a few weeks later I began to feel kinda funny and my heart just sank; I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test. POSITIVE! I began to cry; how could we take things slowly with a baby on the way. I was so scared that I would scare him away, after all I was carrying his baby by someone he barely knows but I had to tell him. He quickly stepped up and seemed almost unfazed by the news. He demanded that I moved in with him before the baby was born, so that the child would be raised under one roof. Since gettting pregnany wasn't taking anything slow, I agreed. I packed up my things along with Elsie and Ely's things and moved into his 4 bedroom house. 9 months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Atticus William Matthews, another name Charlie's favourite novel.

    DH: Frederick John Summers
    -DS: Tristan William Summers [24]
    -DD: Arabella Charlotte Summers [22]
    --DBF: Charlie James Matthews [25]
    ---DD: Scout Olivia Matthews [5]

    ---DD: Elizabeth Sophia Summers 'Elsie' [5]

    ---DS: Elyjah Mathieu Summers 'Ely' [4]

    ---DS: Atticus William Matthews 'Atti' [NB]

    Ex BF: Dante Xander Cruz
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