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    Gloria whilst not being my cup of tea is definitely useable and sounds great with her sisters. It is fairly religious sounding with your surname but thats not necessarily a bad thing. I can't think of anything particularly unpleasant that could come of that connection that wouldn't just as easily just derived from your surname alone with a less religious sounding first name (hope that makes sense!).

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    To me it just screams religion and I can't get over that. Of course, that may not bother you, but to me the association is too strong.

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    Thought I'd pull this post up again to get further views - so let me know what you think.

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    I like Gloria and I think it is usable. I love the other girls names as well. Gloria is a nice, underused name that is really cute and I would love to meet a little Gloria, Dorothy and Florence.

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    I love Gloria, Florence, and Dorothy together!!
    I'm going back and forth between thinking Gloria Churchyard is a bit much and thinking it's pretty cool.

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