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    Gloria Churchyard - Useable or not?

    Pretty much what it says in the title!: Do you think Gloria Churchyard is a wearable name? I just love Gloria so much but don't want to condemn her to a life time of teasing... Thoughts on Gloria as a sister to Florence and Dorothy? Thanks.

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    It's not my favourite from your other choices (Mabel, Lucinda,Beatrice, Louisa) but I don't mind it and there would be a subtle connection between the sisters - Florence, Dorothy and Gloria all share an "or" in their names. Although the name seems to be a tad religious (glory of God), I don't know if there would be teasing involved. The main thing is that you LOVE it so go for it!
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    Hmm, those pesky last names

    I don't think it is an impossible combination, but I wouldn't use it. If Lucinda is on your list, I think that works beautifully.

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    My mom's name is Gloria! She hates it though lol it's not a terribly popular name, but I don't think you'll have much of a problem with teasing. There's not much about the name that can be made fun of! Except for maybe Gloria sounding like Glory = Glory Hole, but it's not as if small children will even know what that is. I've actually met adults who don't know what it is... So you're safe!
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    I love Gloria. I think it's very pretty. I can't see a way for it to be made fun of either.
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