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    Middle names for Emerson

    Looking for middle names that would sound great with Emerson.
    My thinking is that, as Emerson is used more often for girls, a good middle name for a boy Emerson would be something distinctly masculine. I also like names that are a little bold as opposed to common feeling.
    Any ideas?

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    When I had Emerson on my list, Emerson Shane was my combo. It's still my favorite, and Shane is strong and masculine, and a bit unexpected, imo.

    What about:

    Emerson Caleb
    Emerson Peter
    Emerson Patrick
    Emerson Miles
    Emerson Milo
    Emerson Xavier
    Emerson August
    Emerson Zane
    Emerson Isaiah
    Emerson Pavel
    Emerson Oscar
    Emerson Micah
    Emerson George
    Emerson Felix
    Emerson Josiah
    Emerson Jonas

    Good luck!
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    Emerson is my top pick for if my baby is a boy and I am trying to decide what to pair it with too.
    Some of my current favorites are:

    Emerson Chase
    Emerson Ezra
    Emerson Prescott
    Emerson Hunter
    Emerson Ryker
    Emerson Pierce
    Maybe one will work for you.

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