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    I like Romola for you. She's more down to earth which fits with your boys names. I picture Romola in the woods with Lysander and Percival, but all the other girls on your list I only see in Ballrooms in the city, and I don't personally care for such a distinct difference between the boys and the girls in a sibset. And I have to admit that of all the Telegraph-y names, the ones on your list are repeat offenders on my 'I just don't see the charm' list. Delphina is Lovely, my favourite, but I see her so seldom so it's not surprising... Araminta, Arabella and Clementine are all extremely popular in their 'crowd', so this makes me less charmed by them...

    I mentioned Romola, but I also like Alastríona, Andromeda, Annevieve, Briseis, Calendula, Chrysanthe, Clairmonde, Clemency, Cressida, Coppelia, Dainora, Doveva, Eirene, Eglantine, Elettra, Eponine, Euphemia, Fidelia, Fioralba, Godiva, Gweneira, Hannelore, Honorine, Isabeau, Isannah, Jocosa, Julissa, Junia, Kerensa, Leontine, Lileas, Lorenza, Lumina, Madelief, Marcella, Mazarine, Nicandra, Noella, Opaline, Ottavia, Ovidia, Peony, Phaedra, Phillida, Pomona, Quitterie, Rosalind, Roswitha, Sabina, Silvestra, Sonora, Taddea, Theodosia, Thessaly, Timothea, Undine, Viatrix, Violeta, Willamina, Winsome, Xanthia, Ysabel, Zenovia, Zephyrine and Zosime.

    Of all the names on your list, Delphina Hero would be my choice, nn Fifi ^^
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    Thank you for the lovely, wide-ranging suggestions! Dephina Hero has a strong, beautiful feel to it, I will certainly consider it. Winsome is also a name that has definite appeal. Romola is sturdy, yet attractive...might be hard for me to find middles for it though! Thank you.

    ETA; Currently, my favorites in this order; Clementine, Delphine, Phoebe, Araminta, Arabella. I think first three are feminine, elegant, but not frilly, whereas Arminta and Arabella are definitely frilly. What do you berries think?
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    Update; I've found out that the mother of a former classmate is a Delphine. Her daughter (my classmate) is named Genevieve, nicknamed Veva. They're French, and the mother is a rather prim, elegant woman.

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    I'm a big fan of Phoebe Wren or Delphina Jane! I would use either of those 2 on my own daughter!

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    Arabella: Love this sooooooo much
    Araminta: This would be a great name for toothpaste not a child. Thoungh Minty is a my little pony
    Phoebe: Love this name heaps
    Clementine: Gorgeous
    Delphina: I hate this name almost as much as Araminta

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