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    I'm not big on Arielle, I do like Sienna, it's pretty, not too popular but not out there either. I also LOVE Arianna!

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    I think Arielle is a lovely name. I love the nn possibility of Ari! I think Arielle Sienna sounds nice but I think, from your other names, Arielle Lilia would sound very pretty too! -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Just a quick note on Sienna. I heard a child of approximately 2-3 yo saying her name which was Sienna as Sinner. That was it for me, off my list forever!
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    Go with Arielle. That's very lovely. Arielle Sienna is pretty too.

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    Hello all,

    Thank you for your help and suggestions! I/we love Arielle so very pleased that the Berries agree too!

    Ari would be so cute as a nn but our cat is called Harry - she/we may get confused!! LOL We would probably nn her Ellie. She is due in May so we still have time to think - i don't want to be too fixed just yet if you know what I mean?

    Would love any other suggestions...I live in the UK and am surrounded by Isabelle's, Sophias and Annabelle's, which are very pretty but I would like something less popular! I used to love Amelia too but am now bored of it as I've liked it for so long.

    Thank you

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