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    Help us choose, please!

    Hello all,

    We have found out that baby number 2 is a girl and we are over the moon! We already have a little boy of 2 years called Maximus (Max) and I would love a pretty name for her.

    We really like Arielle - any thoughts on this please? We also like Sienna but hubby doesn't like it as much as Arielle so maybe Arielle Sienna?

    Any other ideas/help with names, please? The other names that I like which hubby doesn't/isn't mad about, are: Lilia (Lilly), Arabelle and Elaina.

    Thank you for any advice!

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    I like Arielle a lot - it seems like this spelling puts the emphasis on the "elle" at the end so it is more air-ee-ELLE than AR-ee-al, which the Ariel mermaid spelling sort of sounds like - is that right?

    Other options might be:
    Arielle Lyra
    Arielle Iris
    Arielle Faye
    Arielle Lucy

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    Arielle is lovely! It's a very sweet name, and it's meaning, "lion of God," is very cool, imo. Arielle Sienna is lovely, as well. Would you use a nn for it? I think Ari is very cute, and Max and Ari would be an adorable pair!

    I also love Arabelle (and Arabella!) and Lilia from your list. I think Arielle Lily/Arielle Lilia would also be cute.

    If you're looking for other suggestions, I think Arielle Georgiana/Arielle Georgia would be lovely.

    Good luck!
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    Arielle is very pretty . Maybe you would like Ariella, Ariana, Arianne, Ariadne, Aurora, Aria, Arietta or Arista. I really like Lillia. Does your husband like Lilly or Lillian or Lilliana?

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    I love Arielle it is beautiful and the pp's suggestion of Liliana is a good match Arielle Liliana, very pretty with a lovely flow.

    All the best,

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