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    Your name: Haley Marie Brawley

    Your husband, Connor Patrick Brawley, has recently died in a tragic car accident on a rainy night driving home from work as a mechanic.

    How old are you when your husband dies?

    At the time of your husbands death how many children do you have, what are there names and ages?
    B/G: Skyler Dylan (4) & Alexis Gaia (1)

    It has now been 3 years since you husband died, you are currently working as a journalist, which causes you to travel often. You meet a wealthy business man at a banquet you are attending, his name is Duncan Piers

    Wealthy Business man is 40

    Wealthy Business man, Duncan, is a widower of 5 years and has 4 children.
    How old are his children? 18, 22, 26, 27

    After 2 weeks, Wealthy Business man finally gets you to go out on a date with you. 6 months later you are married and on your honey moon.

    After 3 months you find you are pregnant.
    B/B/B/G: Declan Silas & Lincoln Isaac & Jackson Caleb & Zoe Jade

    After the birth of your children, you go back to work and meet a charming man named Samuel James. He is extremely charming and obviously has a thing for you, you think he is cute but you are married and you try to ignore him.

    For your 3 year anniversary you and your husband go out on his boat for a romantic ride at night. While sipping champagne you husband clutches his chest, before you can call 911 or get help, your husband dies of an unexpected heart attack.

    2 months later you are starting to adjust and come to terms with your grief. You hire a new nanny and her name is Lisa Dawn.

    Back at work charming guy Sam still has a thing for you and you agree to go out with him, against your better judgement. You fall instantly in love, head over heels for him.

    6 months later you are married, despite some of your children's requests not to marry him so soon.

    After 4 months you find you are pregnant.
    B/G: Beckett Cruz & Sienna Violet

    2 years later, after a horrible fight and years of a miserable marriage, you leave your husband, take your children and retire to a private neighborhood in New York. You are much happier and content with your life.

    4 years later your oldest children, the ones/one from your first marriage, comes to your home with a surprise, she is pregnant/his girlfriend is pregnant and they are getting married. You are over joyed.

    Sky & Dex & Linc & Jack & Beck
    Lexi & Zoe & Si

    -- Mackenzie Grace
    ---- DD: Payton Sydney

    -- Matthew Chase
    ---- DS: Calder Rhys

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