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    You could always use Susanne as well to honor your mother.

    Claire Susanne
    Juliet Susanne
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    Piper - Not a fan of this with Susannah as a middle name... Or with Kathleen, for that matter! I do, however like Kathleen Piper...
    Astrid - Not really feeling it, but I think it's adorable that Henry picked it out!
    Aster - NMS, but sounds cute with Susannah.
    Violet - Violet and Henry make the perfect sibset! I adore this to bits. Violet Susannah or even Violet Kathleen are both adorable and sound so great with Henry!
    Bryn - I don't think this goes well with Henry, or with the two middle names.
    Lila - This is probably my second choice, right next to Violet. Perfect with Henry, perfect with the middle names, perfect.
    Kyra - NMS, but I think that it's cute with Henry
    Claire - Henry and Claire are my third choice! So adorable together, and Claire Susannah is cute too!
    Juliet - My other fave from your list. Juliet sounds great with Henry and Susannah as a middle name.

    So, my top picks for you would be: Violet, Lila, Claire and Juliet.
    Good Luck!
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    I love Henry and Claire. But Claire Kathleen is a but too CUH heavy.

    Henry and Juliet is lovely as well.
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    Astrid Susannah or Juliet Kathleen are tied for my vote!

    Also, a few more suggestions:
    Paloma Kathleen
    Farrah Kathleen
    Elisa Kathleen
    Quinn Susannah
    Vivienne Susannah
    Sylvie Susannah

    good luck!

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