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    @crysacraig: I would be interested, I'm just a little cautious on facebook. Let me know how that comes along.
    Also, I'm struggling a little bit with two stories (what a pain!) that I'd love to do! Any ideas on how to figure out which one to do? Thanks.


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    I have found that it is easiest to make like a power point with each slide as a different story, then pick the story with the most qualities that you wanna write about. Or if that doesn't help then use these tips. Try to create a face and a description of the main character
    Use the “put words in a hat and draw” technique
    Make a name and Build off of that
    Use ideas from books, movies and real life
    Write ahead of myself and think of something that will happen
    Open the phone book to a random name. And picture that person mentally
    Someone you see on the street or in the supermarket. Imagine a life for this person, and you've got a fictional character.
    Ask a series of questions about said book or character Take a picture of a person in a magazine. Invent a name for him or her, a personality, hopes and fears, annoying habits.
    Write out random sentences that pop in your head and then go through them

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    Quote Originally Posted by crysacraig View Post
    I was thinking about starting a private small-sized group on Facebook for friends who write as a hobby or they are ameteur writers hoping to become published authors sometime in their lifetime. 10 or so people would be a perfect size, but I don't know if anyone would be interested in something like that or not.
    Well just to let you know, I am VERY interested in that group! If you do decide to make it, could you send me the link?

    And as for yourself, the most important thing to me about writing is passion. You cannot create a plot without passion. Often while writing I will find that I've become bored with this scenario. I will probably only get maybe one or two sentences out of ten minutes, because I keep getting distracted. This can be very frustrating, because the characters are so real in my mind and I can't just get them onto paper. What I like to do to get me 'in the mood' is to listen to music that reminds me of my story, or watch a TV show or movie or to read a book with a similar feel or plot to it. Don't do this too much though, because you might find yourself stealing from the TV!
    As well as this, I will always carry a notebook and pen around with me. You never know when an idea, a name, a scene, or even just a word will pop into your head, and you'll never know when it will just sneak right out again.
    Also, it's probably a good idea to get some armchair psychology. Again, I will often watch TV show like Criminal Minds and Lie To Me to help me understand how a human would react when placed in a situation. You want your characters to be natural and to interact with each other as real humans would.
    One last tip before I go; I'm not sure where I heard this from, but it can help to write down every fact about your character, even if it doesn't feature in the story. Their specific height and weight, the designs of their home and hometown, favorite foods and media and the like. This information will often never make print but it really does help with developing the character and creating a bond with him/her.
    Well, that's all for now! Good luck with your writing!

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    I can totally relate!

    Writing is hard, haha. I have a million and one story ideas right now but I can't manage to write any of them. A lot of it is for personal reasons I don't really care to go into, but I can completely relate to the idea that you don't want your characters to go through any pain! haha. I find that a lot of the novels I come up with are the same way. At least, I think they are. Maybe someone else would say differently.

    You already have some really good advice... I just wanted to add that much as creative writing teachers love to promote journals, it doesn't work for everyone. It most definitely didn't work for me! In fact, I completely lost my muse when my creative writing professors tried to get me to keep a journal. It was just forced, and that wasn't the way I could work. My inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE. People watching has been a great tool for me, and just being observant about the things around me. Listening to songs (especially ones that tell stories)... even just seeing something take place while I'm walking inspires some things. I remember walking across my university campus one fall afternoon and getting a complete idea for a story (granted, it was fan fiction, but in my writing rut, fan fiction is probably my biggest ally right now, lol). Another day, I visited my old high school (which was a boarding school with 101 weird rules), and I had another whole story. Once I was listening to a sermon during a vespers service and a whole story for a novel came together in about 10 minutes, haha. It was an allegory of the story of David and Bathsheba.

    I have to say, though, writers/authors and writing professors do have it right in one regard, though--read, read, read--soak up everything you possibly can, especially in the genre you want to write! I think I learned more from reading novels for the genre that interests me than I could have ever learned from being mentored by a writer or that I could have learned in a hundred creative writing courses! And read different authors. I learned what worked and what didn't (imo) for the type of style I wanted to create. When people read what I write, they tell me I have a very unique voice and I never would have gotten that if I hadn't read several authors all relatively in the same genre. And practice writing! Yeah, it won't be perfect, but write out your ideas. You may hate them. They won't have to be published. I wrote 11 novels that are probably lost on a very old computer laying in some landfill somewhere that I'll never get back, but I don't worry about that, because they weren't ready to be published. I needed to write them at the time, and all that writing has just made the the writer I am today. No, I haven't had a novel or a short story published. Will I? Hopefully, someday, but I think that's still fairly far off. But practicing reading and writing helps.

    And plot doesn't have to be complicated and so suspenseful your reader pees in his pants, lol. Last spring I wrote a short story about a small family living in a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw during WWII... Virtually nothing happened in the duration of the story--most of the plot was internal, demons my character was fighting in her head. Was it a good story? Probably the best I've ever written. Sometimes stories are cliche and that doesn't have to be bad. People love to read stories where the girl gets the guy, you know? A good romance is a great story.

    Good luck! And if you ever want to bounce an idea off of somebody, feel free to PM me... I can't say I'm an expert or anything but I just graduated from college with a major in Professional Writing, and I miss that world now that I'm searching for a job! I would love to hear you out or give you suggestions or whatever.
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    @crysacraig: Im interested. Like you ive never been very good at english so have never tryed to put my ideas on paper incase it all sounds imature and, well.. bad. But i have plots! haha

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