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    Red face Need ideas for characters

    Hello everyone!

    I'm working on a sci-fi book with several different time eras co-existing... what I need mostly are the names for the two main characters and the main scientist in the book, the rest I'm not too worried about but would still appreciate other suggestions for side characters in the same time as those described.

    I need classic, vintage names for a boy. He's blonde, tall, dark brown eyes and softspoken.

    The scientist is male, in his early forties, and not the nicest person. Think intelligent but not using it for the right reasons.

    And finally, I need a girl name for a very quirky, outgoing and curious mechanic who lives in a very distant future. Something edgy, industrial and unique.

    I'm in need of first, middle, and last names. So far I really like Reese for the girl, but it's not quite industrial enough for me. As for the boy, I was leaning towards Milo.

    Thank you so much for reading!

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    In a very distant future, I think Reese wouldn't fit very well. For her name I think you need something that isn't really considered a name at this moment, but COULD be a name eventually. But because it's a name for a book character, it needs to be a name that a potential reader won't have any trouble reading or pronouncing many times over. Easy on the eyes. Maybe:
    Aalis (really old French form of Alice),
    Adilet (Arabic name, she could go by a nick name, Addie maybe?),

    For the boy, Milo is lovely. It's my current favorite boys name. Masculine yet soft. And perfect for "easy on the eyes" reading. I don't have any suggestions except for James or Henry. Both seem to be a little more common than Milo. And neither are as handsome.

    For the scientist:
    Stefan/Stephen (I prefer Stefan)

    Hope those helped even a little bit?

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    Talking Brain juice for writers !

    Dear fellow writer,
    I completely understand your predicament.

    For the girl,that has been selected to be one of the people your reader will come to care about ( as they should in every Good book )
    should therefore have a Name to bring her to life on paper.

    Here are a few: For the Scientist: For the Boy:

    [Holly] [Ford] [Milo]
    [Trudie] [Hugh] [Avery]
    [Bianca] [Ian] [Charlie]
    [Quinn ] [Simon] [Eddie]
    [Ella] [Julius] [Phineas]
    [Ari ] [Bruno] [Colin]
    [Lena] [Fabian] [Drew]
    [Cora] [Harry] [Sam] or [Sammy]
    [Jazz] [Hal] [Finn]
    [Syd] [Wendall] [Rocco]
    [Valerie] [Lucian] [Miles]
    [Nina] [Amos] [George]
    [Meli] [Nolan] [Bennet]
    [Kendra] [Allen] [Xander]
    [Tia] [Christopher]
    [Flory] [Seth]
    [India] [Lewis]

    Good luck!!!!
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