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    hmmm...that is really helpful. a have a few ideas but one is a city girl (NYC) moving down south to a farm, or the other way around. maybe falling in love, with both a boy and the new place she's living after hating it all. something like that. just sounds so chiche.
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    Welcome to the writing world. Hard to persevere, hard to come up with plots, hard to come up with names, hard to hurt your characters, hard to make your characters, hard to swallow the criticism, hard to read through your own work critically, hard to stay focused, hard to resist other things, hard to enjoy yourself, hard to make time...

    Oh, geez, that's really depressing. The thing is, if you really love writing, then you can fight through that all. There is nothing, I promise you, nothing, that compares with the joy of controlling the world, of putting your brain onto paper, of manipulating words into something beautiful. It's tough, but it's the best thing in the world.

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    As a teacher of creative writing, the best advice I can give is twofold: Read, read, read! and fall in love with one character, learn everything there is to know about them, and a story will develop from that process. You can keep plenty of name notebooks -- I know I do -- as long with title notebooks (a great idea from Ray Bradbury) and notebooks of stuff you here and/or read that's interesting. But develop a character and see where he/she takes you. Figure out what you like to read. Are there authors that you admire? Why? Read Orson Scott Card's book on developing character, if you're really serious. Join a group, your local library will know where they are. Take a class. Have fun!

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    My biggest problem with writing is that I am my own worst critic. I was a B average student in public school and an C avergae in high school...english was not my best subject. I'm not the best grammer is bad at times. Writing does not come easy to me at all. I haven't read too much lately, but I used to read 150+ books a year and one day I got in a reading rutt and just decided to give writing a try. I had so may ideas for different plots and characters and now I have five or six novels on the go. I have a habit of writing 1000 or so words and then I always seem to come up with a better or different way to write the same plot so I wonder should I change it? And usually I end up changing it which doesn't help the process of actually completing some work. Naming characters holds me up too. I prefer to name all the main characters before I start writing because once you start writing it is so hard to change a characters name.

    I was thinking about starting a private small-sized group on Facebook for friends who write as a hobby or they are ameteur writers hoping to become published authors sometime in their lifetime. 10 or so people would be a perfect size, but I don't know if anyone would be interested in something like that or not.
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    Oh, I'm just like that. I constantly develop characters and story lines, but never actually write them out. I just act them out in my mind.
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