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    I think the suggestion of Tallulah Raine is gorgeous. Tallulah Belle and Tallulah May are cute - sound a bit 'southern bell' to me.

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    Hi! I would chose something short and sweet in the middle, maybe without much vowels...
    I second Tallulah Belle! Is adorable...

    I also can thin:
    Tallulah Indie
    Tallulah Clare
    Tallulah Mae (love it!)
    Tallulah Io
    Tallulah Louise (too much l?)
    Tallulah Cleo
    Tallulah June
    Tallulah Rose
    Tallulah Eve
    Tallulah Joy
    Tallulah Eira

    Good luck!
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    Before I even looked at the thread, the first one that popped into my head was Tallulah Belle. The fact that others have mentioned it to has made me suspect there might actually be a cultural reference buried in there? It sounds really cute though. Either way, I think a one syllable mn is the way to go with Tallulah.

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    Tallulah Esme for me!
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