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    How do you pronounce Chana?

    How do you pronounce Chana? I read it in a book and I can't figure out how to say it. Is it chann-ah, kanne-ah, or is it just pronounced like Hannah? Or is it different? I've asked a few different people and I can't figure it out. Same with Dvora. Is it dev-rah, dev-ora, or something else? I've been kind of skipping the D a bit and putting kind of half a vowel in between when I'm reading it in my head, but I'd really like to know.

    Thank you!

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    id pronounce it shane-uh

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    I would pronounce it Ch-anna but the site I looked it up on said it was Cah-nuh. I actually like that though ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I read it like shawna personally...
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    That's right. The "ch" in Chana, Chava, Chaya, Chaim -- is the glottal stop in the back of the throat. It's too hard for many speakers of Western languages, which is why it devolved in the "h" sound in Hannah, Eva, Hyman, etc. D'vohra is the Hebrew form of Deborah, although the "v" sound is closer to the Yiddish "f" sound. Shayna is a completely different letter in Hebrew -- sh -- from ch -- which is why it's a different sound. It's the same with my daughter's Hebrew name Leah -- in Hebrew it's lay-ah, not lee-ah.

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