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    Yeah, I thought of the president immediately because usually Harry is short for Henry, like Prince Harry's real name is Henry. Have you considered Rhett? or an anagram for Henry is Rhyne, kinda sounds cool...

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    I suppose you could have the John Henry connection with Henry John. It's more obscure but a possibility.

    My experience with my kids' names has been the middle names really aren't used that often -- except to get their attention when they are in trouble, and early on when you're taking them to the pediatrician ALL the time. I wouldn't be at all surprised to have a nurse or doc glance at a chart and then comment about how he was named for the President. Would that be annoying? Or would you feel embarrassed to yell HENRY TRUMAN across the playground? I don't know that it's a deal killer but yes, I do think people will auto-correct whether they see or hear the name, just because Henry and Harry are so similar, and pp is correct about Harry also being a nn for Henry.

    Good luck!

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    I wouldn't do that! I like both names a lot though!

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