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    When people hear Henry Truman (fn/mn), will they think of former president?

    Hi, recently I've really been loving the name Henry. But my husband and I were leaning toward the mn Truman, and don't know if this will sound too strange together with the close sound to Harry Truman. Know that most kids are referred to by first and last name, but just wondering how big of an issue this might be. Like Truman, because this has personal meaning to my husband and I, so somewhat more firm on this being the middle name. Our other two top names, which many of you helped us to get to, are Caleb and Seth. I do like those names, but I'm just not feeling like the search is over after repeating those two to myself over and over. Just not sure, and want to feel like we're sure! For those of you that have read my previous posts, I really liked the name Oliver, too. But my husband is just not on board with Oliver. Not sure if I'll be able to convince him otherwise on that name, so probably have to move on from that one.

    Thanks for any input!

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    yeah, I would think the president, but how often will you be saying his middle name in daily conversation.
    It will be a think only adults would immediately recognise so I can't see it being a problem.
    I prefer Caleb to Henry myself. Caleb Truman is very cool.
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    I did, but unless you're constantly saying his full name, most people won't make the connection.
    Caleb Truman sounds nice, if you want to avoid the Harry Truman thing.
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    Unfortunately, yes, I thought of Harry Truman right away. However, as pp's pointed out, Henry will be the name you will be using every day, not his mn! How about going with Henry Oliver, instead? Or Truman as the first name?

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    Thanks for replies. Guess if we like Henry, we should go away from Truman. Could always go back to mn being John I guess.

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