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    Two syllable girl names..

    Trying to find two syllable girl names that go with Wyatt and Arlo! I'm loving the combination of Wyatt, Arlo and Norah. Only problem is I'm not too sure if the middle name that I want to use with Norah is going to flow so well Norah Mary (family name).

    So, please help me in the hunt for two syllable names! We may use Norah for a later girl..

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    That is a great sibset! Norah isn't bad with Mary but I agree it's no the best. In general, most 2 syllable names aren't going to sound perfect with Mary because it's too repetitive. Names with more sounds or stress on the second syllable could work.

    Charlotte Mary
    Adele Mary
    Lucille Mary

    are three examples (although not sure if you'd want to A initials or that French Lucille is the best match to Wyatt and Arlo, although it's OK and Lucy seems cute).

    What about mixing up Mary a little bit, are you flexible there?

    Norah Rosemary
    Norah Mariel
    Norah Miriam

    I don't think 2 syllable brothers' names lock you into 2 syllable names btw if you like something else.

    All best!

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    I love jesba's suggestions of Lucille Mary and Norah Rosemary. Two-syllable names that would also go with Wyatt and Arlo, with mn that is either Mary or a nod to Mary:

    Lula - I LOVE this to go with your sibset, and I think it's a fresh, unusual look at Luna or Lola.

    Sylvie Marie

    Eva Mary

    Ivy Miriam

    Kasia Mary (said Kash-ah)

    Delphine Maria

    Tessa Mary

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    I agree, the flow probably wont be its best if using a 2 syll fn with 2 syll mn but I think something like Hazel, Opal, Scarlett, Ruby, Cora, Vera, Violet, Pia, Beatrice, Harper, Poppy, Freya, River and Eva would be ok with Mary. Norah Mary is still very nice and I wouldnt say it sounds terrible even with the 2-2 rhythm. If you wanted to break out of the two syll pattern Imogen, Matilda, Eliza, Eve, Lake, Juniper, June, Sage would be cute with Arlo and Wyatt

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