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    I think it works very well! I love slightly less obvious nns.

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    Thanks! I asked this question because Cordelia is one of my favorite names (in the combo Cordelia Bridget), but my favorite names are Veronica Lenore and Dexter Benjamin nicknamed Vera and Dex respectively. If I used both of those names and then Cordelia, I really wouldn't want to use Cora since it is so close to Vera and I also wouldn't want to use Delia since it starts with a D like Dex. So I thought, Vera, Celia, and Dex... sounded nice. I like Cordy as a nickname too, but I've seen it get quite a bit of negative feedback so I felt the need to expand my options.

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    I don't think it works. I see where you're getting it from, but it's a bit like calling a Gabrielle Abigail- sure, all the letters are there, but the sounds aren't and they're completely separate names so why bother? Plus the C in Cordelia really makes a K sound. There's no soft c in the name, so it's kind of out of left field. I'd use Cecilia instead if you're aiming for Celia, or Cora/Delia if you want a Cordelia nickname.

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    I think it works, but if you're going to call her Celia, you might as well just name her Celia, Cecilia, Cecily, or Cecile.
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    I think it works fine. Sure, it's a bit of a stretch, but so are a lot of nicknames.
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