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    Does this work as a nickname?

    If Cordelia can have Cora and Delia as nicknames, could Celia work as well?

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    I guess, but it seems a bit of a leap. If you want Celia, I'd use Celia.
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    I really think they're a bit too different, but really it's up to you. How about Cecelia nn Celia?

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    I think Celia for Cordelia works just fine, though I tend to think about nicknames more loosely than others, I think. (There are plenty of accepted nicknames, like Birdie, that don't overtly link with their associated full names...) Celia won't be a natural, shortening-the-sounds-of-the-name sort of a nn the way Cora, Delia, Lia, etc. are; it's more of a visual-cue (C from the start, -elia from the end) nn.

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    I actually disagree with the other 2. I think it can work because Celia is just the first letter and last piece of Cordelia. See... C -ord -elia
    when you take out the -ord- you have Celia. I've seen this work with other names. Ex - Penelope... P -enel - ope...Poppy. That's just the first letter and last sound of Penelope just like you're trying to do with Cordelia.

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