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    Help! baby girl due next week

    Our second precious daughter (our third child) is due to be born next week. All through the pregnancy I have loved the vintage feel of Adelaide Rose, but have changed my mind in last few weeks. My beautiful Mum passed away two weeks ago and I'd like to honour her by using her name as a middle name. What do you think of Eva Maria Rose? My Mum was Spanish so I also love that Eva is of Spanish origin. My other daughter is called Eleia Cate and son Rhys Angus. Any suggestions of names that will go with Maria as a middle name and suit the names of her siblings?

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    I like Eva Maria Rose, but I don't love it. I feel that there are too many 'short' names in there. Have you considered Evelina Maria Rose, also of Spanish origin? Or perhaps Evelina Miriam Rose, as a variation upon Maria? Evelina Miriam Rose really captures that vintage feel of Adelaide Rose to me.

    Combining a variation upon Maria and your fn choices, how about Eva Rosemary, or Adelaide Rosemary? Adeline also seems like it would go nicely, as either Adeline Maria Rose or Adeline Rosemary.

    I have to say that I really love the idea of Evelina Miriam Rose, especially with Eleia Cate and Rhys Angus.

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    So sorry about your mother. I think its very important you honor her! However, Eva is too popular I think and I don't like the 2 E's together. They look and sound too similar.

    What about:

    Selene Maria Rose (number 1 spanish baby name)
    Abril Maria Rose
    Adelaida Maria Rose (spanish version of your old choice, I love it with your other kids names, elegent and more exciting and Adelaide)
    Adelina Maria Rose (too close to your other DD?)
    Gracia Maria Rose (so pretty and unique I think)
    Carmen Maria Rose (beautiful with your sibset, absolutely stunning)
    Marisa Maria Rose
    Nina Maria Rose (beautiful name, gorgeous)

    Love Carmen, Adelaida and Selene the most I think.

    Good luck!! REally hope you choose one of these stunning names.

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    Condolences on the loss of your mother. I like Eva Maria Rose, but I think Adelaide Maria Rose would be stunning!



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    I think Adelaide Maria Rose would be much prettier than Eva. Eva Maria sounds too much like Ave Maria!
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