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    Looking for name critiques/suggestions

    Hi everyone! Though I hopefully don't have children for a long while, it's always fun to come up with names, right? Anyway, what are your thoughts on these names and do you have any suggestions for me based on "my style"? Also, feel free to critique the names in my signature if you'd like. I'm still on the fence about the ones in this post, but I really love all the ones in my signature.

    Kaya/Kaia/Kayah/Kaija/etc. (I basically like EVERY spelling variation of this name)
    Tifany (I think Tiffany is a bit trite...but I think spelling it like this adds a bit of freshness)
    Kassie (I don't think it's substantial enough to stand on its own but I don't like any of its longer versions...)
    Kelsea (see Tifany)
    Kimberley (see Tifany and Kelsea)

    And just for fun, my biggest guilty pleasures: Splash and Cascade.
    21-year-old boy who just happens to like baby names.

    Girls: Amberley, Astrid, Athena, Cypress, Darcy, Kassia,
    Kimberley, Laurel, Lindsay, Lisandra, Lissette, Maryelle, Misty,
    Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Erik, Fable, Isaac, Kasey, Layne,
    Mark, Maverick, Montana, Riley, River, Sage, Satchel,
    Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zander, Zane

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    Off of your list I really love Kaya (although I perfer it spelled Kaiya), this name is just gorgeous! Honestly besides Lilly and Kaya, I'm not really a fan of your other names. Not trying to be mean, they just arn't my style. Kaya and Lilly are gorgeous though!!
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

    Currently loving....
    Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Beckett, Wesley, Noah, Mason, Simon, Luke
    Lucia (Lucy), Annabel, Eloise, Leah, Avery, Brennan/Brynn, Lilah, Reese, Annora, Antonia

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    Imogen - NMS just seems very old
    Kaya/Kaia/Kayah/Kaija/etc. - Not big on Kaia by itself but I do love Makaia
    Ailsa - Ehh not bad but not great
    Tifany - I agree but she will be correcting everyone her whole life
    Summer - a little boring
    Autumn - Lovely just great
    Flannery - Oh i have VERY BAD personal associations with this name
    Franziska - I think Francesca would be better
    Ivy - a little plain
    Fern - to planty does not have the flow of Ivy
    Kassie - Kassie, especially with a K, is not enough on its own
    Kelsea (see Tifany) It will only cause her problems when she has to keep correcting people
    Kimberley - again sorry I just don't think a 'fresher' spelling is worth it
    Lianna - I think Liliana would flow better
    Lilly - With 2 L's it seems surnamey it is a lot chicer as Lily
    Lilianne/Lillyanne- I still think Liliana is better
    Lindsay - Perfection!! That is my name, same spelling and all!
    Greta - ok but a little fairy-tale to em
    Merry- Christmas? Mary is better or maybe Meri as a nn for Meredith?
    Misty - seems dated but not bad
    Riane - a little to kre8tive
    Siobhan - I want to like it but it seems so masculine to me
    Sky - very nice I had Autumn Skye on my list at one point

    You have some very good names on here. You style does seem all over the place so I don't know that I could make any suggestions.

    Good Luck

    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Kaya is a nickname for marijuana that Bob Marley popularized. Bad choice.

    Imogen - love, trendy and quirky
    Kaya/Kaia/Kayah/Kaija/etc. - above
    Ailsa - like it
    Tifany - 80's esque even with the one f
    Summer - 60's esque, like sommer better
    Autumn - 80's esque
    Flannery - like a lot but falls in the category on Mckenna and Mckinley
    Franziska - don't even understand it
    Ivy - love it, fresh and unique
    Fern - 60's esque, kinda weird too
    Kassie - ok
    Kelsea - 90's esque
    Kimberley - same feeling as Tifany
    Lianna - like a lot
    Lilly - I absolutely love
    Lilianne/Lillyanne - like a lot
    Lindsay - 80's esque and like Tifany
    Greta - would make a great sibset with Greta, love
    Merry - stripper?
    Misty - stripper!!
    Riane - meh
    Siobhan - love
    Sky - middle spot, ok

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    Athena: cool
    Courtenay: over done
    Darcy: reminds me of a tacky tv character
    Lisandra: like, maybe love
    Maisie: love
    Maryelle: southern
    Promise: middle spot
    Rhiannon: reminds me of Rhianna
    Roisin: unique I actually really like, I've never heard it before either
    Rosemarie: cute
    Saba: unsure how to say
    Season: don't like it
    Shaylene: yuck
    Tansy: huh?
    Thalia: Love
    Zooey: very cute, love

    Bjorn: huh, how do you pronounce this, I think many people wouldn't know, doesn't match your other names
    Blair: iffy, ok, cute
    Dade: all i see is Dad
    Erik: like it
    Fable: feminine
    Kasey: feminine
    Lane: ok
    Shane: 90's esque, ok
    Slade: reminds me over a gladiator
    Stone: kind of neat, never heard it before, middle spot
    Thatcher: super cute, reminds me of trending Fletcher
    Tripp: southern, Sarah Palin's son or something
    Ty: cute nickname, how about Tyson?
    Zane: Love

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