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    I much prefer Ingrid, esp. with nn Indie. I do agree that Astrid has too much teasing potential, but it is lovely.

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    I have the same exact opinion that ashthedreamer

    Besides, I hate Ingrid. I see "In grid".

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    Do you watch the office? After the whole incident with Asturd, I would never use this name. Ingrid is gorgeous!

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    I think both names are super sweet. I think initially I'm more drawn to Ingrid because it sounds a little softer, but that's just my personal style. But, I do love the tv show Fringe (on Fox) and one of the character's names is Astrid. She is very intelligent, a team-player, and one of the most selfless characters, so Astrid might be a good namesake if you were a fan of the show. The only problem with that is that one of the other characters, Walter (an old, nearly senile man) can't get her name right. A few of his mistakes: Asterisk, Astro, Asteroid, Astringent, Asprin, Ashram, and Ostrich. The mistakes are endearing, for the most part. I wouldn't mind having a daughter named Astrid and having her silly nn be Ostrich.

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    i think there is teasing potential in astrid, but i think it's prettier. ingrid is nice too.

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