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    Ingrid or Astrid?

    I have two other children, Elijah and Hanna. I love both names, and am possibly more partial to Astrid. Until recently, my husband would only agree to Ingrid and so now we are undecided since Astrid is back on the table. Thanks for any opinions on these names!

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    I vastly prefer Astrid, personally--I love it! Ingrid is okay, and the nns Indie and Inga are cute (and Izzy, too, which I've heard of as an occasional nn to Ingrid), but it just doesn't have as much spark and personality to me as Astrid does.

    I really like Elijah, Hanna, and Astrid together!

    Good luck!
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    I also much prefer Astrid. There's nothing wrong with Ingrid, but it somehow doesn't feel as fresh. Astrid just has more oomph and seems to fit your style better. I love Elijah and this is a perfect complement to that.

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    Tough one. I love both names, but I like Ingrid slightly more. They are both great choices.

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    Thank you for your replies! I have received negative reactions from family members about Astrid (sounding like Ass...) and so I'm glad that I am not the only one who thinks it's a great name. I love both names, though. It's hard to decide which one!

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