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    Rufina: A Serafina alternative?

    I ran across the name Rufina when I was browsing the newspaper of my hometown in the birth announcements section. Her name was Rufina Zinnia (two syllable last name). My name is Sarah, so Serafina/Seraphina are out as name choices. Is Rufina a good alternative that captures the same style of names. I like the combination of Rufina Zinnia.
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    I think I like Rufina...Rufus is still a little on the doggie side in my mind, but Rufina could be a "people" name While they've both got the -fina thing going for them, I don't think that Serafina and Rufina connote the same sorts of things, though. Serafina is light, smooth, airy, even a little froufrou in my book whereas Rufina is spunkier, rough-and-tumblier. I'd put Rufina in with Ramona before I'd compare it with Serafina.

    I really like Zinnia, but I don't care for the similar endings of Rufina and Zinnia. I'd prefer Rufina Rose, Rufina Cerise, Rufina Margaret, or (looking at your signature) Rufina Vesper, Rufina Poppy, Rufina Amoret etc.
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    I agree with the pp that Rufina doesn't capture the same feel as Sarah or Seraphina. I still think it could be cute though, but the spelling also makes me think of Rufus, as mentioned by pp. I think I would spell it Rafina or Raphina. It just looks a little more feminine to me and also makes me think more of Raphaela, which is pretty.

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    All I hear is "Roofie," as in rohypnol. Not a good association.

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    I really like Rufina, but like daisy451, all I can hear is "roofie"...
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