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    Muriel and Mariel

    I really like Muriel. I think that the sound is off-beat but pretty, and I LOVE the meaning of "sea-bright." However, it seems to generally elicit fairly negative reactions, and I suspect it might be a bit too stodgy and polarizing to actually use on a real human being.

    I like Mariel as well. I'm not sure which I prefer as far as sound goes, but I appreciate that the Mar- of Mariel could honor multiple relatives, and I definitely think that Mariel is more accessible and easier to wear. I'm a bit concerned that Mariel may take the name a bit too far away from its meaning, which is kind of one of the real selling points of the name for me (meanings aren't usually that big of a deal for me so long as they aren't negative, so I don't know what it is about this one). Mariel's apparently "a diminuitive of Mary informed my Muriel" or something of the like. Muriel itself was derived from something complicated and Gaelic, though, so does changing the one letter really sort of remove it from its meaning, or am I being ridiculous?

    What are your opinions?

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    I vastly prefer Mariel. Muriel is still on the negative side of Old Ladydom for me. I think Mariel captures most of the good things of Muriel, and while it might technically be a variant of Mary, it feels like its own name to me. Some other name sites seem to give it more of its own meaning, too.

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    What I came up with was that Mariel (and Marielle) are diminutives of Marie/Mary and Muriel was from a Gaelic name, as you said. The names do have separate origins, so make of that what you will.
    I think name meanings are quite ambiguous, so it gets to a point where what a name means to you is more important. The Charlotte named after the city where her parents met and Charlotte named after grandpa Charles have names with different meanings, in my opinion. Mar- honors your relatives. For your child, that would be a meaning behind her name. But you also like Mariel because of its similarities to Muriel; that could be a meaning too. It wouldn't have the same meaning for every Mariel, but for your daughter it would.

    If you want my opinion on the names themselves, I prefer Mariel. I prefer it based on sound and I agree that it's much more wearable. I don't like the Mur- sound of Muriel, and it still reads old to me. I also love Marielle, but I think that may be a bit frilly for your taste.

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    I agree with what Daisy said about names having their own meanings for you. It sounds like Mariel is the better match for you. For what it's worth I'll add I've actually also never gotten the old lady vibe about Muriel, so you're not alone. But I do know it's pretty widespread. I do get that vibe (and it must be pretty universal) from Myrtle, and some people (not me, and I think fewer) get it from Miriam, so maybe it's the proximity to those sounds. All best!

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    Definitely Mariel.

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