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    It's cute, but seems a little nicknamey/dated to me. I really like Amity (or even Amaryllis) nn Amy though. I would also pronounce that spelling the French way.

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    My name is Amy and I always HATED it growing up because there were like 5 of us in my class (I'm 29). I have noticed, however, that it's starting to come back in. As someone said previously, it is the name of the baby on Up All Night! It's also the name of Drew's girlfriend on Parenthood and I noticed that it is the name of the dad's girlfriend on the new show, Suburbia. All of these Amy's coming out just this season! Maybe it will come back in and I can finally have a Nameberry name, haha. Trendy choice

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    If youre worried about pronunciation here is a sample:
    it's not a name I would worry about though and I think it's lovely. It's nms but one of the nicest most kindest girls I have ever met in the world was named Aimée
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