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Thread: aimee

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    What taz said : D. I think the Aimee spelling will be mildly annoying at times as people may default to Amy, but it is a very standard, accepted (and pretty : D), variant, so it won't be too much. I think the French prn of this may be eye-MAY, though, fwiw (I could be wrong).

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    I adore the french name Aimée pn. eh-MAY! I don't mind the pn of Amy, but only if it is spelt as such. You may also like the name Amelie/Amelia nn Amy or even Amity nn Amy (which we used as on of our twins middles)

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    Likewise, I'd assume Aimee was Aimée typed on an English keyboard and pronounce it accordingly.

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    I like Aimee/Amy, but I prefer Amelia nn Amy, so she can choose other possibilities as she grows older e.g. Millie, Mia. Having a short two-syllable name myself, I've always wished my parents gave me a few more options!

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