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    Louisa is my favorite from your list! I also like Elena. The rest are nice, but they either don't stand out as much or i think they are a bit on the rise and you said you like not too popular.

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    My cousin has a Henry and his sister's name is Jane! I think it's such a perfect set! It's so cute when she calls their names! Henry! Jane!

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    I'm in the same boat. We chose Henry with the express purpose of avoiding a popular name. Twelve years later, look where it is! We're hoping to avoid that with Baby Girl, but you just never know how things are going to trend over a decade! LOL!

    Your list has only beautiful choices, so you can't go wrong, but I think Louisa is my favorite with Willa being a close second.
    Lara -- mama to Henry (June 2000) & Agnes (April 2012) and one angel baby

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    Thank you everyone for your comments, I really appreciate it! all of the suggestions are great. A lot of them I love (Anna, Lydia, Caroline, and several others), but they're already names in our close family.

    I just can't shake Louisa, I think it is my favorite. It does seem true that there aren't many Matilda's running around, I think it maybe sounds like other more popular names and also has the feel of the type of names that are on the rise. I do like it, but don't want to like the nickname more than the name ...

    Willa, Elena, Sylvie all still major contenders, but something about Louisa seems to be winning the day.

    You are right lara_jane that there is no way of knowing where the name is going anyway, and henry is such a great name, I am really glad we went with it even though it is more popular, probably I should focus on the name itself more.

    Thanks again for weighing in everyone

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    We have a Henry and the name has grown in popularity since we choose it. His sisters are Charlotte and Daphne.

    I love Louisa from your list:-)
    My5Kiddos: Andrew, Emmett, Henry, Charlotte & Daphne

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