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    Thanks for the comments.

    Funny about the Annette suggestion. This is actually my grandmother's name but I just don't care for it - hence the g-ma was Annie, so I think she didn't even like it too much.

    I love nn's, I know some are against for Charlotte, there is the standard Charlie, Char (with the soft "ch"), Coco and my grandmother was Chickie.

    I do like Lulu, but I don't think its substantial enough. I saw Diana and Clara last night while perusing through here and have to admit that I immediately added them to the list.

    My husband has been pretty neutral this round of baby names except for Lucy, he's adamantly against it.

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    So the more I read, the more names I see that I am loving...

    Nora and Daly are both Irish names, would a traditional Gaelic name be too much? Our last name is French Canadian, drat my husband's lineage -- but I am thinking:

    Aoife (ode to my mother's middle name of Eve)

    Or and then there are the names I loved in Russia, like Nadejda, which means hope.

    But the more I read all of your lists, the more adventurous I want to be....
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    I love Charlotte Anne! It's perfect!

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    Charlotte Roisin or Charlotte Aoife also work, though!

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    I LOVE Roisin! I think it'd be perfect! It also doesn't seem too "out there", as Aoife might seem.
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