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    Your a Grandma! :)

    You had an identicle set of Quadruplet girls. They have now grown up and have had their own children. Some had mulitples while others didnt. Name each one of your Quads/husbands and name each of their children. Add names, ages and pictures and other details if you wish. Have fun!

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    Ontario, Canada
    Callee & Jarrod Kirkland
    Willow Faith - 5years
    Alivia Hope - 5years
    Ethan Jake - 2years

    Sydnee & Zachery Crandal
    Ryder Jack - 4years
    Peighton Lee - 3years
    Kaiden Joshua - 13months

    Emme & Wyatt St Croix
    Identicle triplets:
    Grady Christopher - 8months
    Noah Alexander - 8months
    Declan William - 8months

    Raleigh & Adam Billard
    Layla Grace - 3years
    Crispin Drake - 17months

    Granchildren: 11

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    ♥ Clara Dean Lucy Dominic ♡

    Feel free to ask me anything about saints names

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    Quads: Glynis Amelia, Gloria Jean (Googie), Glenda Elspeth, Gilda Grace

    Glynis Amelia & Geoffrey Emmauel Clarke
    Zola Yvonne Clarke
    Emmeline Laurette Clarke
    Gregory Ambrose Clarke

    Googie & Evan Josiah Farnstock
    Meredith Marie Farnstock
    Mary Clare Farnstock
    Orin Matthew Farnstock
    Ocatavia Miranda Farnstock

    Glenda Elspeth & David Ellison Jackson
    Evelyn Elizabeth Jackson
    Audra Opal Jackson
    Emery Bruce Jackson
    Ellery Nathaniel Jackson
    Linda Dyan Jackson

    Gilda Grace & Patrick Shane MacDougall
    June Lorraine MacDougall
    Jeremy Angus MacDougall
    Lorna Diandra MacDougall

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    My name: Shannon
    My husbands name: Christopher
    Our quads:
    Eleanor Alice Rose (Ellie)
    Evangelina Kate (Evie)
    Anastasia Belle
    Isadora Hope (Izzy)
    Ellie, 40
    her husband: Matthew, 43
    their kids:
    Scarlett Jane, 17
    Benjamin Scott, 12
    Evie, 40
    her husband: Elijah, 39
    their kids:
    Bethany Taylor, 6
    Eliza Amarillys, 4
    Kathryn Rose, 1
    Anastasia, 40
    her husband: Liam, 41
    their kids:
    Gavin Elias, 11
    Harry Parker, 5
    Izzy, 40
    her husband: Patrick, 40
    their kids:
    Sadie Elizabeth, 16
    Tatiana Rose, 13
    Kellan Matthew, 11
    Noah Jameson, 9
    Clara Jaymes, 9
    Robert Harrison, 4

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