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    Absolutely the weirdest names I ever loved

    I went through a phase at the beginning of my pregnancy with Juniper that I loved some names that are either out there or NMSAA (some I still like, but would never actually use on a child). I just found a notebook that I wrote the names in at some point during that time:

    Io Eudora Violet (this was my number one choice btw!)
    Arethusa Seraphina Gem
    Hortensia Niamh
    Aerie Asthore
    Vail Ariadne
    Adonia Andromeda
    Ambrosia (I still love this, but like Ambrose better for a boy)
    Nixie Anatola
    Asphodel (Still love. I just named my kitten this)
    Peony Othella
    Daria (after my favorite childhood tv show I guess??? I still love it, just not sure I am into the pop culture reference)
    Eugena Echo
    Iliad Inara
    Hestia Babette
    Leto Azza
    Theta (as in the Greek alphabet)
    Zephyra Ottilie (I remember being in LOVE with this name. Couldn't convince Tim.)
    Sasson Rosemarie
    Taisiya Isadora

    The only boy name I had written at the time was Angus.
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    Sasson Rosemarie is such an adorable name! In addition, I love Thalassa and Taisiya! I love unique names, I feel like it makes the child have a sense of individuality because their name is all THEIRS. Some of these are actually really cute!

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    I actually grew up with a girl names Adonia! Must admit, she was always teased for having that name unfortunately - it is quite beautiful i think though. And, I absolutley love the combo of Vail Ariadne, or spelled Vale Ariadne - i think this is quite a stunner! Zephyra Ottilie is also awesome - though i think i prefer Zephyr Ottilia nn Effie/Ephy. Ottillie Zephyr is awesome as well! There is also something so ethereal and stunning about Aerie - wow! Now where was this list when i was naming my girls?! Aerie Zephyr & Vale Ariadne would have made a killer combo! Ugh, loving the imagery behind Aerie Zephyr, air + fire. Drooling!

    You have some killer hidden gems in here! Great list! Mind if i save this list amongst the rest of my baby name files?

    xoxo Viv
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    I love the name Jocasta, but such a bad connotation....kudos for Zephyra Otillie, Hestia Babette and Asphodel though!
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    I love Zephyra.. although I saw it spelt Tzifira and went crazy over it. I still love it. Add a Tz to anything and I fall in love.
    <3 Amelia

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