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    If I named my child ______ would I be crazy?

    Ok so I'm thinking very strongly about putting Hermione on my girl list.

    1. I think it compliments my current daughters name, Adelise, without over shadowing it or sound over shadowed itself.
    2. I love the books and think she was an extremly good role model for girls and I know I was always disapointed to hear my own name as the school bully or mean girl In books. (Stacy) So I think it would be really exciting to be able to pick up a GOOD book and see my name in such a positive light.
    3. Dispite the books it still isn't very popular, BUT it is an accepted well known name.
    4. I just think Its a really pretty and interesting name.

    I would want to call her by her first name mostly. But I know people like nick names. Mione is the obvious choice. Minny is cute (but my mom gets called 'mimi' so may not work.) Mina, and Mia are cute too. Which would you pick as a nick name?

    So what do you think?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I know several people on here have daughters with Hermione as either a FN or a MN, so if you could talk to them, I think they could help a lot more than I could, lol. I see the name's appeal (and I even considered it to honor my little sister Natalie, since I've seen it on Christmas name lists), but I personally can't get past the HP connection... I'm just not a fan of the Harry Potter series, but if that's a plus for you, then I don't know why you shouldn't use it. I don't think Mione is a very attractive nn to be honest, but I do think Mia or Mina (or even Maya) would be really cute. There's also Hera, but it seems a lot to live up to both Hermione and Hera...

    What MN would you pair with it? You're still doing the Ray- thing, right? I think Hermione Rachel would be really pretty.
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    Yeah. I think Hermione Rachel would be my top choice. Mostly because Hermione Raven may sound TOO much like the books. :P (Raven/Ravenclaw?? xD) I definatly think she would be Hermione Rachel if we used it. ♥

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    Oh and I was going for Maya when i typed out Mia. LOL (My-ah) doh! I think Maya would be my personal choice for a nn.

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    I love Hermione! Not crazy at all; people name their children "Anne" after Green Gables and whatnot and Hermione is clearly the literary heroine of our generation. I may do the same someday too.
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