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    CAF...In Space! Part 3.

    This is the final part!

    Part 2:!-Part-2


    It has been 20 years, and all of the survivors have aged. All pets are sadly deceased. Roll the dice to see if anyone died during the 20 years:

    1. 1 death
    2. 2 deaths
    3. 3 deaths
    4. 2 deaths
    5. none
    6. 1 death
    7. 1 death
    8. 4 deaths

    (Choose who dies)

    How did they die?
    1, 2: If they are over 60, old age
    3, 4: Starvation/Dehydration
    5,6: They left to start their own colony in a different part of the world
    7, 8: Killed by native wildlife/beings

    A major event has happened over the past 20 years. What was it?

    1, 2: The survivors have managed to domesticate a milk, meat, and wool producing animal native to the new planet. Each person has one as a pet. Name them, and name their species.
    3, 4: Another family, in a small spaceship, crash landed nearby! Who is on board the ship?
    Evens: A fifty year old mother and her two twenty year old sons. Odds: A fifty five year old father and his two twenty five year old daughters.
    5, 6: The survivors have discovered another sentient species, this one native to the planet. There has been a war for the past 20 years. If you roll this, disregard the deaths above. Ten people have been killed in the conflict between the human and the native beings. Who has been killed?
    7, 8: The spaceship has been reconstructed, and everyone has decided that a crew of four people should head back to Earth to see if there are any survivors and if it is possible to re-colonize Earth. Who is going to Earth?

    Also, now make couples from children of similar age. No limit on number of couples. Roll for how many kids they have:
    1. none
    2. 2 kids
    3. 1 kid
    4. 2 kids
    5. your choice
    6. 1 kid
    7. 3 kids
    8. 4 kids

    Genders: Even, female, odd, male

    Odds: Girls: Therese, Lana, Rae, Kiki, Leah, Rhia, Tearla, Shevonne, Davonne, Paige, Blaze, India, Io, Gaia, Nomada, Dienne, Diedre, Callixta, Berna, Terra, Gila, Xaviera, Vera, Hoopla, America. Boys: Gordon, Chardon, Lisso, Liam, Oren, Geronimo, Bernard, Conner, Damien, Dashiell, Truman, Terrance, Australia, Kronos, Rocco, Home, Shiloh, Zander, Camden, Kamron, Felicio, Missile, Oakley

    Ages: your choice.

    Also, if you like, you can add the puppies and kittens of the deceased pets.

    Names and ages for pet offspring are your choice.

    What becomes of your group of survivors?

    If the survivors domesticated a species...
    Your people become a giant, intergalactic trading empire over the centuries, trading their coveted meat, milk, and wool for money, power, and spacecraft. Eventually they reconstruct Earth and bring humanity to glory.

    If the survivors found another family...
    Soon hundreds of more families are raining from the skies; thousands of other humans have survived, too! They construct a humble empire that occupies their proud planet, and they resurrect the uniqueness of humanity.

    If the survivors are fighting the native beings...
    Your survivors become a war hardened people who defeat the native beings after a few generations. They soon are fighting cosmic battles against intergalactic powers, and winning! Eventually they lay claim to a great portion of the known universe.

    If the survivors rebuild the spaceship and head back to Earth...
    The survivors find that only about half of the population has been wiped out. They had thought everyone died. They retrieve the rest of the survivors and they resettle Earth with the other survivors, rebuilding humanity piece by piece.

    Your space odyssey is over! Your meager group of survivors has managed to accomplish great feats! Thanks for playing!
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    Family 1: Sinclair

    DH: Baxter Reid, 61
    DW: Laila Simone, 63

    Family 2: Williams-Beech

    DH: Horton Wallis, 53, injured in the crash
    DH: Patrick Gerald, 59

    Family 3: Woods

    DH: Freddie Stephen, 69
    DW: Naomi Delia, 76

    DS: Leo Iman Woods, 35, left to start a new colony on another part of the world

    Family 4: Smith

    ex-DH: Zachary Brian, 29, died after landing
    DW: Jasmine Mia, 46

    Family 5: Bixby

    DH: Rhett William, 69
    DW: Jeannie Bernadette, 68

    Family 6: Pemberton-Flores

    DW: Dahlia Irma, 62
    DW: Hannah Maeve, 61

    Family 7: Greene

    DW: Mary Margaret Hazel, 55
    DW: Jenna Frances, 57

    New Families

    DW: Cami Isabelle Sinclair, 33
    DH: Arlo Victor Bixby, 34

    DS: Dashiell Home Bixby-Sinclair

    DW: Freya Vivian Bixby, injured in the crash, 26
    DW: Aria Diane Woods, 35

    DW: Nina Harriet Woods, 35
    DH: Soren Kyle Pemberton-Flores, 31

    DS: Truman Bernard Woods
    DD: Asha Eryn Woods

    DW: Bia Elaine Woods, 28
    DH: Grant Bernard Bixby, 26

    DS: Liam Terrance Bixby-Woods
    DD: Nathalie Taya Bixby-Woods

    DH: Jackson Hugh Smith, 24
    DW: Clementine Winter "Kit" Greene, 26

    DS: Zander Oren Smith-Greene
    DD: Gaia Dienne Smith-Greene
    DS: Roland Billy Smith-Greene

    DW: Perla Haley Bixby, 34
    DW: Florence Joy "Fern" Greene, 26

    DS: Oakley Camron Bixby-Greene

    DW: Gianna Danielle Bixby, 32
    DH: Jace Dorian Woods, 31

    DS: Donte Raven Bixby-Woods
    DD: Tearla Paige Bixby-Woods
    DD: Nomada Blaze Bixby-Woods

    DW: Eliza Willow Bixby, 29
    DH: Isak George Sinclair, 32

    DS: Liam Gordon Bixby-Sinclair
    DS: Connor Bernard Bixby-Sinclair
    DS: Matt William Bixby-Sinclair

    DW: Reba Grace Bixby, 26
    DH: August Roland "Gus" Greene, 24

    DS: Hudson Nile Bixby-Greene
    DS: Harlan Kenneth Bixby-Greene
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    It has been 20 years, and all of the survivors have aged.

    Original Families

    The Sinclair's

    DH (61): Harold Reid Sinclair
    DW (deceased): Alexandria Terese [nee Radcliff] Sinclair, died age 43 when she ate a poisonous fruit


    DH (53): Obadiah Wallis Tretch-Far
    DH (59): Gerald Simeon Tretch-Far

    The Woods's

    DH (69): Stephen Nicolas Woods
    DW (76): Delia Naomi [nee Baker] Woods

    The Waif's

    DH (49): Liam Carlisle Waif
    DW (46): Mitra Jasmine [nee George] Waif

    The Liasson's

    DH (69): Nathaniel Rhys Liasson
    DW (68): Laura Bernadette [nee Dime] Liasson

    DD (deceased) Melisande Haley Liasson, killed by a native creature at age 17


    DW (62): Ophelia Dahlia Pemberton-Flores
    DW (61): Hannah Maeve Pemberton-Flores

    The Albright's

    DH (65): Charles Benedict Albright
    DW (60): Eleanor Hope [nee Brown] Albright

    New Families


    DH (34): Arlo Alexander Liasson
    DW (33): Katherine Isabelle [nee Sinclair] Liasson

    DD (10): Karishma Alexandre Liasson
    DD (7): Jasmina Kylee Liasson

    Arlo & Kate with Karishma & Jasmina


    DH (32): George Eric Sinclair
    DW (28): Serena Eloise [nee Woods] Sinclair

    DS (5): Jonathon Jacob Sinclair
    DS (1): Damien Conner Sinclair

    George & Seren with Jon & Damien


    DH (36): Oliver Mordecai Albright
    DW (35): Reina Arabesque [nee Woods] Albright

    DS (15): Bernard Oakley Albright

    Olli & Reina with Bern


    DW (35): Aria Liliosa Liasson-Woods
    DW (29): Eliza Willow Liasson-Woods

    Aria & Eliza


    DH (35): Leo Iman Woods
    DW (33): Victoria Belen [nee Albright] Woods

    DS (12): Shiloh Oren Woods
    DD (9): Katerina Scarlett

    Leo & Victoria with Shi & Kat


    DH (31): Dorian Fairfax Woods
    DW (32): Julianne Riley [nee Liasson] Woods

    DD (7): Henrietta Faye Woods

    Dorian & Julianne with Hattie


    DH (24) Ryan Jackson Waif
    DW (26) Reba Grace [nee Liasson] Waiff

    DD (nb): Vera India Waiff

    Ryan & Reba with Vera


    DH (31): Soren Caleb Pemberton-Flores
    DW (26) Freya Gaea [nee Liasson] Pemberton-Flores

    Soren & Freya


    DH (26): Ulysses Grant Liasson-Albright
    DH (33): James Balthasar Liasson-Albright

    Ulysses & James

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    Planet: Mostly water, with small tropical islands being the only land
    Major Event: 3 – New Family

    Family 1: Radcliff
    DH: Harold Baxter Radcliff (61) ‘Harry
    DW: Simone Terese Radcliff (63) ‘Mona
    DD: Faye Isabelle Radcliff (33)
    DS: George Axel Radcliff (32)

    Family 2: Williams-Beech
    DH: (d) Dexter Obadiah – native wildlife
    DH: Frank Simeon Beech (59)

    Family 3: Walsh
    DH: Stephen Nicolas Walsh (69) ‘Ven
    DW: (d) Naomi Delia Walsh – old age
    DD/DD/DS: Harriet Liliosa Walsh, Nina Diane Walsh & Carl Leo Walsh (35) ‘Hettie, Nina & Carl
    DS: (d) Tristan Lachlan Walsh
    DD: Eloise Victoria Walsh (28) ‘Lulu

    Family 4: Smith
    DH: Zachary Liam Smith (49) ‘Zach
    DW: Jasmine Nia Smith (46) ‘Minnie
    DS: Hugh Ryan Smith (24)

    Family 5: O’Neal
    DH: William Nathaniel O’Neal (69) ‘Billy
    DW: Bernadette Laura O’Neal (68) ‘Detta’
    DD/DS: Melisande Dora O’Neal & Victor Arlo O’Neal (34) ‘Lissy & Vic
    DD: (d) Danielle Julianne O’Neal
    ADD: Quilla Eliza O’Neal (29)
    DD/DD/DS: Grace Reba O’Neal, Vivian Gina O’Neal & Zephyr Grant O’Neal (26) ‘Grace, Viv & Zeff

    Family 6: Foley-Fredericks
    DW: Irma Janae Foley (62)
    DW: Maeve Carla Fredericks (61)
    ADS: Caleb Soren Foley-Fredericks (31)

    Family 7: Clarke
    DH: Silas Jonah Clarke (57) ‘Si
    DW: Cecily Anneliese Clarke (56) ‘Cece
    DS: Wilfred Vincent Clark (29) ‘Wilf’
    DS: Philip Henry Clark (27) ‘Pip
    DD: Estelle Adelaide Clark (25)
    DD: Lorna Olive Clark (24)

    New Family:
    DW: Nadine Apronia Bishop (50) ‘Nay’
    DS/DS: Stanley Calvin Bishop & Walter Edmund Bishop (20) ‘Stan & Walt

    Offspring family 1: O’Neal
    DH: Victor Arlo O’Neal (34) ‘Vic
    DW: Nina Diane O’Neal (35)
    DS: Gordon Felix O’Neal (6) ‘Donny
    DD: Miriam Daisy O’Neal (4) ‘Mimi
    DS: Thomas Ian O’Neal (1) ‘Tom

    Offspring family 2: Walsh
    DH: Carl Leo Walsh (35)
    DW: Faye Isabelle Walsh (33)
    DD: Lana Penelope Walsh (10)
    DS: Oren Raymond Walsh (6)

    Offspring family 3: Foley-Fredericks
    DH: Caleb Soren Foley-Fredericks (31)
    DW: Harriet Liliosa Foley-Fredericks (35) ‘Hettie
    DD/DD: Vera Noelle Foley-Fredericks & Helen Alice Foley-Fredericks (5) ‘Vera & Leni
    DS: Edward Jack Foley-Fredericks (2) ‘Ned

    Offspring family 4: Radcliff
    DH: George Axel Radcliff (32)
    DW: Melisande Dora Radcliff (34) ‘Lissy’ (TTC)

    Offspring family 5: Clark
    DH: Wilfred Vincent Clark (29) ‘Wilf’
    DW: Quilla Eliza Clark (29)
    DD: Io Romilly Clark (3)

    Offspring family 6: Smith
    DH: Hugh Ryan Smith (24)
    DW: Vivian Gina Smith (26) ‘Viv
    DS: Liam Fraser Smith (5)
    DS: Arthur Patrick Smith (infant) ‘Artie

    Offspring family 7: Bishop
    DH: Stanley Calvin Bishop (20) ‘Stan
    DW: Grace Reba Bishop (26)
    DS/DS: Zander Otis Bishop & Rocco Levi Bishop (2)

    Offspring family 8: Clark
    DH: Philip Henry Clark (27) ‘Pip
    DW: Eloise Victoria Clark (28) ‘Lulu
    DS: Dashiell Oscar Clark (6) ‘Dash

    Offspring family 9: O’Neal
    DH: Zephyr Grant O’Neal (26) ‘Zeff
    DW: Estelle Adelaide O’Neal (25)
    DD: Anneliese Vesper O’Neal (4) ‘Annie
    DS: Jesse Magnus O’Neal (3) ‘Jess

    Offspring family 10: Bishop
    DH: Walter Edmund Bishop (20) ‘Walt
    DW: Lorna Olive Bishop (24)
    DD: Adelle Claudine Bishop (infant)
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    It has been 20 years, and all of the survivors have aged.

    Event: Another family, in a small spaceship, crash landed nearby! A fifty five year old father and his two twenty five year old daughters.

    Original Families

    The Quinn Family

    Harold Baxter (61) and Laila Therese (63)
    -Katherine Isabelle (33)
    -George Eric (32)

    The True-Kent Family

    Obadiah Wallis (63) and Simeon Frank (69) - Deceased, old age

    The Woods Family

    Stephen Freddie (69) - deceased, dehydration and Erica Naomi (56) - deceased, killed in ships crash landing
    -Harriet Diane, Nina Liliosa & Leo Riker (35)
    -Dorian Tristan (31)
    -Victoria Elaine (28)

    The George Family

    Liam Carlisle (29) - deceased, killed by volcano eruption, and Nia Jasmine (47)
    -William Rhys (24)

    The O'Neal Family

    Rhys Nathaniel (69) and Bernadette Laura (68)
    -Melisande Dora & Alexander Pax (34)
    -Julianne Riley (32)
    -Eliza Willow, (29)
    -Freya Grace, Gina Vivian & Zephyr Ulysses (26)

    The Pemberton-Flores Family

    Forsythia Janae (42) and Maeve Hannah (41) - deceased, killed by volcano eruption
    -Soren Caleb (21) - deceased, dehydration

    The Finchely Family

    Gabriel Vincent (62) - deceased, old age and Aurelia Delphine (59)
    -Esther Vivienne (32)
    -Rupert Malcolm (31)
    -Edmund Jasper & Winifred Hazel (28)
    -Genevieve Margot (25)

    New Family

    Frederick Mortimer Barton (55)

    Laura Cecily Barton & Charlotte Aurelia Barton (25)

    Offspring Families


    George Eric Quinn (32) and Esther Vivienne Finchely (32)

    Zaynah Julianne (4)
    Callixta Blaze (2)


    Dorian Tristan Woods (31) and Katherine Isabelle Quinn (33)

    Oakley Truman (3)


    William Rhys George (24) and Freya Grace O'Neal (26)

    Kiki Romany (2)
    Brian Rohit (nb)


    Edmund Jasper Finchely (28) and Eliza Willow O'Neal (29)

    Lana Aliya (6)
    Vera Dienne (3)
    Kiana Zakiyah


    Rupert Malcolm Finchely (31) and Victoria Elaine Woods (28)

    Zayd Kirk (7)


    Zephyr Ulysses O'Neal (26) and Genevieve Margot Finchely (25)

    Elley Therese & Gaia Henrietta (3)

    Soon hundreds of more families are raining from the skies; thousands of other humans have survived, too! They construct a humble empire that occupies their proud planet, and they resurrect the uniqueness of humanity.
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