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    Is Maple a name?

    I was reading mindlessly down the list, said Mabel, husband repeated Maple? I laughed and corrected him....but then thought it kind of has a ring to it! Am I being ridiculous, will the child be teased terribly, and is this even considered a name? Thank you!

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    It's not the worst. I don't think it's really a name with much use. I'm sure it's been done though. The tree association is pretty, the name itself is as nice as's just that maple syrup would be so's not like that's the worst tease though. I think Mabel would be much preferable though. All best!

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I think it's adorable.

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    I think its better suited to a tree than a person personally! Btw- love Mabel.

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    I wouldn't use it, but I remember someone on the berry boards was seriously considering Maple.
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