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Thread: Your own family

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    Aaron Dawson Todd
    age: 35

    Roxanna Catherine Todd (Roxy)

    I met Aaron at the age of 18. We dated on and off for five years before deciding to marry when I was 23.

    After our honeymoon in Australia, we settled down in a seaside town in Maine. 9 months later we welcomed twin boys:
    Lochlan Robert Alexander Todd and Henry Piers Drennan Todd
    Lockie & Harry

    two years later, we had a daughter:
    Emma Cora Josephine Todd

    One year later, we adopted a little girl who was 4 months old. She was born deaf but can play the piano beautifully:
    Marina Kathryn Elaine Todd
    age: 7

    Four years later, we had the triplets:
    Leon James Dawson Todd, John William Thackeray Todd and Benjamin Tucker Louis Todd
    Leo, Jack and Ben

    Aaron and Roxy: Lockie, Harry, Emma, Marina, Leo, Jack and Ben

    Our collie, Tarni completes our family:
    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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    Rhode Island
    Me: Penelope Littleford.

    Husband: Ace Littleford.

    1. Lizzie Rose Duff.
    - Husband: Magnus Duff.
    - Kids: Sera Duff, Hattie Duff, Spencer Duff, & Leo Duff.

    2. Quinn Marie Sisto.
    - Husband: Felix Sisto.
    - Kids: Opal Sisto & Diana Sisto.

    3. Aviana Charlotte Padalecki.
    - Husband: Malachi Padalecki.
    - Kid: Everett Padalecki.

    Dog: Bourne.

    Dog: Diesel.

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