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    You and Jonah have been married for well over a year when you decide the house is too big for just the two of you. 2 months later, you get pregnant with boy/girl twins. The boy's middle name honors DH's uncle and the girl's middle name honors your grandmother.

    Twin's names:August Charles "Augie" and Stella Lorraine "Stella"

    After the twins, you and DH have three more children.

    Child #3
    How many years pass after the twins are born? 2

    Adoption or pregnancy? pregnancy

    Name - Lucy Marian "Lucy"

    Child #4
    How many years pass after Child #3? 3

    Adoption or pregnancy? adoption

    Name: Peter Laszlo "Pete"

    Child #5
    How many years pass after Child #4? two

    Adoption or pregnancy? pregnancy

    Name: Rose Bethany "Rose"

    Your family: Jonah Alexander Davidson (35) and Sophia Noelle Fraser Davidson (33)
    August Charles "Augie" (7), Stella Lorraine (7), Lucy Marian (5), Peter Laszlo "Pete" (2), and Rose Bethany (NB) Davidson

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