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    You are now 23 years old and have graduated from college with a degree in Psychology. You still live with your grandmother, Evelyn, in Rochester, New York and have built up a career as a High School Counsellor. You also followed in your grandmother's footsteps and became an philanthropist. The charities you stand behind mostly are helping one-part families, foster kids, and treating alcoholism.

    You and your grandmother are hosting a charity gala represented by your grandmother's firm, Campbell's Creations, at your estate. While you're mingling with your best friend from college, Zoe, and one of your cousins, Kayla, the three of you bump into an old school friend of your cousin's. His name is Liam Hudson Walker and, as Kayla is introducing you, Liam smiles. He says he's been wanting to meet you ever since he heard about your "rags to riches" story. The two of you begin talking and drift away from your cousin and friend, who are looking at each other, grinning broadly.

    How old is he?


    What color hair does he have?

    Dark Blond

    What color eyes does he have?


    What does he do for a living?


    Liam grew up in Rochester, New York and had been raised in wealth, but had been taught the importance of hard work. His parents died in a plane crash when he was 9 years old and he'd been raised by his uncle, Richard Thomas Walker, which is why he completely understanding of what it feels like to lose your parents. You begin to see more of him at the charity galas hosted at your house and the ones you're invited to. Eventually, you see him outside of the charity galas, going to the movies and lunch dates with him. 6 months after meeting Liam, you're dating him.

    How long do you date him for?

    2: 4 years

    For your anniversary, Liam whisks you away to Paris for the week. While you're down at the hotel's spa, he makes a special reservation at the hotel restaurant. The two of you have dinner in the hotel's pricey master suite, complete with champagne and room service. You find the ring inside your champagne glass and, on bended knee, he proposes. Through your happy tears, you say yes. When you return home to Rochester, New York, you and Liam spend 4 months planning your huge, glamorous perfect wedding as well as building your dream house.

    What does your ring look like?

    What does your dress look like?

    How does your dream house turn out?

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