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    My name is Emilia Marie Holden and I am 15 years old.
    I live with my single mom, Tiffany Diana Moore, (my father walked out when I were 4 years old) in a low-income area of Chicago, Illinois.
    I apply to and am accepted to work in Target.
    Me -
    House -

    A few months after I start my first job, my grandmother, Margaret Kathleen Moore, dies at age 76 of Pneumonia. My grandfather, George Harold Moore, died 6 years before.

    We didn't inherit anything but Margaret left a letter addressed to us in her will. It turns out that George had an affair years ago and my mother was the result, my mother's biological mother was forced to give the baby to George and Margaret to raise and they were paid off by her family.

    When I ask my mom about finding her, her only response is breaking down into tears. So I decide to take matters into my own hands. Through city hall, I manage to get a hold of my mother's birth certificate and adoption records. But the name of the birth mother is too faded for me to make out. I decide to track down old neighbours of my grandparents and come across Mrs. Jones, who says there were rumours and she remembers the 'other woman's' name! Alice Irene Hughes

    A week after I turn 16 my PI gets back to me, she lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she moved to after she graduated high school, was married but has been widowed for over 6 years, had two daughters, and has retired from a successful career as an industrialist, mainly focusing now on charities and philanthropy.

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