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    Jul 2012
    Marry after: 2 years in Spring

    Honeymoon to: Paris

    Settled in: Sydney, Australia

    Baby 1:
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Jade Aviva-May
    Looks: Dark Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

    Baby 2:
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Sasha Levi
    Looks: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

    5 years later...
    Niece: Isabella Rose

    Babies 3&4:

    Gender: Boy/Boy
    Names: Archer Eli Hunter & Harrison "Harry" Ash Elijah
    Looks: Brown Hair, Green Eyes

    Kittens: Ollie (Boy) and Stella (Girl)

    Baby 5:
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Sienna Maeve
    Looks: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

    Jacob Crisdean River
    Adelaide Sophia
    Jade Aviva-May
    Sasha Levi
    Archer Eli Hunter
    Harrison Ash Elijah
    Sienna Maeve

    Names I'm Loving
    Olivia, Ava, Zoë, Fleur, Stella, Esther, Maeve, Poppy, Edie
    Theo, Archer, Asher, Felix, Flynn, Ike, Alexander, Rafferty, Arlo, Noah
    Sets I'm Loving:
    Olivia Fleur, Ava Zoë, Edie Stella
    Theo Alexander, Archer Felix, Asher Rafferty

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