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    What's your name? Vera Antonia Fairchild

    How old are you? 22

    What are you currently doing? You have a university degree and are working as a journalist

    Where you do you live? Switzerland

    How many siblings do you have? Three older brothers

    What are their names? Alexander Richard, Henry James, and Charles Thomas

    Where do you meet DH? At work

    What's his name? Jake Christopher Rubenfeld

    How old is he? 26

    What does he look like? Dark hair, blue eyes

    How many siblings does he have? Two older brothers

    What are their names? George Benjamin, and Finn William

    What is he doing when you meet him? He works in the family business as an editor

    After dating for three years, you and Jake marry at your favourite time of year, winter of course. The ceremony isn't huge, but your families (who get along perfectly) and your closest friends surround you as you take your vows.

    You honeymoon to Belgium, and come back pregnant! Nine months later, having settled down in England (his country of origin), you have your first baby. A girl named Winter Antonia.

    What does she look like? She has my auburn hair, and her father’s blue eyes

    Two years later, Winter is a happy, curious toddler who takes up most of your time, but you and Jake feel you're ready to take on another baby! It doesn't take long for you to fall pregnant again, and you're both ecstatic. You have another girl, Alice Aurelia.

    What does she look like? She has her father’s dark hair and my green eyes

    Your next pregnancy, four years later, comes as a bit of a surprise, but you two and Winter and Alice are delighted nonetheless. On the day your eldest sibling, Alec, has a daughter and names her Aurora, you give birth to twin boys! Theodore James Lucius and Julius Lazarus Tate.

    What do they look like? They have blonde hair, and my green eyes

    Finally, when the multiples have just about started school, you fall pregnant for what you and Jake decide is definitely the last time. You get two kittens named Tuesday and Omen to compensate for moving some of the children into the same bedroom to make space for the newborn, and eight months later you give birth to a bright-eyed baby, Vera Noelle.

    What does she look like? She has my auburn hair and her father’s blue eyes, like Winter

    Jake Christopher Rubenfeld { 41 } and Vera Antonia Fairchild { 37 }
    Winter Antonia { 11 }, Alice Aurelia { 9 }, Theodore James Lucius and Julius Lazarus Tate { 5 }, and Vera Noelle { 1 }
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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