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    I didn't do the first two parts but I wanna name the kids! Haha

    After dating for 2 years, you and Henry marry at your favourite time of year. The ceremony isn't huge, but your families (who get along perfectly) and your closest friends surround you as you take your vows.
    When do you marry? (you choose)
    D - Spring.

    You honeymoon to Vietnam, and come back pregnant! Nine months later, having settled down in Hudson, NY, you have your first baby.
    What's is its gender & name?
    It's a girl and her name is Bijou Nova.

    What does s/he look like? (roll the dice)
    5 or 6 - your hair, your eyes (blonde wavy hair and blue/green eyes)

    Two years later, Bijou is a happy, curious toddler who takes up most of your time, but you and Henry feel you're ready to take on another baby! It doesn't take long for you to fall pregnant again, and you're both ecstatic.
    What is Baby #2's gender and name? (see below)
    It's a boy and his name is Leonard Aloysius "Lenny".

    What does s/he look like? (roll the dice)
    3 or 4 - father's hair, your eyes (straight dark brown hair, blue/green eyes).

    Your next pregnancy, 1 year later, comes as a bit of a surprise, but you two and Bijou and Lenny are delighted nonetheless. On the day your eldest sibling, Lulu, has a daughter and names her Willow, you give birth to multiples!
    How many and what are their genders? (roll the dice)
    We have triplets (two boys, one girl)
    Emmett William Jude, Joss Everett Weston and Wren Everly Juniper

    What do they look like? (roll the dice)
    3 or 4 - completely different hair to anyone in the family, your eyes (auburn curls and blue/green eyes)

    Finally, when the multiples have just about started school, you fall pregnant for what you and Henry decide is definitely the last time. You get two kittens named Suky and Grimes to compensate for moving some of the children into the same bedroom to make space for the newborn, and eight months later you give birth to a bright-eyed baby.
    What is its gender & name?
    Baby is a little girl named Aurelia Maeve.
    What does s/he look like? (honey blonde hair and green eyes)

    Bijou, 8, Lenny, 6, Emmett, Joss and Wren, 5, and Aurelia, 6 weeks

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